The Topaz Guide

Here is what is recommended for
you to succeed with WOM Vegas:

IMPORTANT Make Sure You do This First.
Become a Free Sales Agent So You Can Earn
If You DO NOT You will Not Earn
Please Read the Page Before Beginning
You Must Mail or Fax your W-9 or W8-BEN
To Become a Free Sales Agent Click Here

1. Watch All  27money Videos To See What Your Topaz
MemberShip Provides. Try your best to watch all of
them within 2 Weeks.
WOM Vegas Click Here

2. Pick one or two of the Multiple ways to make money online
with WOM Vegas and learn everything about it. Do Not Stress
Yourself out trying to learn everything at one Time.
Just Take Your Time and Pick One
Product and Learn About it
Learn How To Use It and
Where to Use It
After You have Learned that Prouduct
Then Move on to the Next One

2b:  Candace Your Virtual Assistant - Please Turn Her
on Immediately Before You Start to Refer
Candace will assist you in Welcoming Your New Members
Click Here

2c:  Please join our downline Chat Room for the
Monroe Downline! Just Request to be approved!
 Click Here to Join

3. Start Right Away Recruiting people who want to
make money online, and tell them to do
the same. Get Your Referral Links Here
Click Here

Plan your work and work your plan.
WOM Vegas is a progressive and growing website
that is built to last for people who enjoy
making money online, with continuous and
innovative ways to use social media for marketing.

A Note from Me, Your Upline, Dannette
"This Part has made me Successful at womVegas"
I Advertise womVegas
Get Your Referral Links out
To Friends or People on the Internet
Build Your Permanent Downline which
is your 1st Level
Your 1st Level will Create your 2nd Level
You 2nd Level Will Create Your 3rd Level
and So On
I have Candace Working For Me!
I Say Hello in the Coffee Shop
I Let My Downline Know I am Serious
I Help My Downline Members by
Answering Thier Questions and Giving Direction
There are Plenty Sponsors Who are
Not Available I Always Help
It All Starts with You!
This is where it all begins
If You DO NOT REFER to Build Your
Permanent Downline, You Will Not Make
as Much Money as you would like too.
You will make some money from the Temp
Downline but It will not be as nearly as much
if you Refer. Referring Brings Residual Income,
New Sales, and New Topaz Members! Be Patient
and Refer! This has Made Me successful at womVegas!
Hope What I have Shared Helps

Temporary Donwline
As A Topaz Member you are
Automatically Qualified Down 70 Levels to Earn
From Your Temp Downline
When Sales Are Made in your Temp Downline

To Earn Down 71 to 7000 Levels
Every member at womvegas free or upgraded must
get a customer who is NOT A SALES Agent
to earn down 71 to 7000 Levels or You
will received Missed Commission notices until you do.
This is where Advertising is very Important!

The temp downline is to help you have some
success and encourage You to get started
building a permanent downline!

Here are other Links I Have Prepared for you
to Make it Easier for you!

Your Virtual Assistant Candace: Click Here
Please Turn Candace on Immediately

Coffee Shop Room Info: Click Here

About Your Profile Info: Click Here

Why am I Missing Commission: Click Here

Have A Biz You Want to Promote?
Just a Few Places to Let You Know
Where to Post Your
Other Biz Ads Right Away: Click Here

How To Add Your Banner womVegas: Click Here
How to Use Text Ad Auction: Click Here
How to Start Auto Posting: Click Here
How to Start Your WomSite: Click Here
How to Start the Strip Game: Click Here
How to Start Chat Rooms: Click Here
How To Create Convention Rooms: Click Here      

If You Have Any Questions Please

Click the Word Reply Under My Picture
and Post to Me
Dannette Sanders
Georgetta Monroe

WomVegas Is a Great Place
and I am Glad You Are Here

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