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What is Wom Vegas?

Word of Mouth. womVegas.com was designed to be the word of mouth virtual convention capital of the world.

We are in the business of providing individuals and businesses of all locales a way to use social media to promote themselves and gain more positive exposure on the internet.

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womVegas is a fabulous program where you can earn money. You can: Promote your products or Sell a Promotion within the site. We sell, we promote, we socialize, we have fun. All while we make extra income. Here is our One page marketer.
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To Do First:

The First thing you need to do is become a Free Sales Agent.

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Choose the W9 if you live in the US or choose the W-8BEN if you live outside US. Next, scroll down until you see the form. Before you buy or sell anything at womvegas so you can EARN COMMISSION fax or mail in the W9 or W-8BEN within 90 days. This is explained on the page.

Watch the Webinar Videos, Use the Products and Start Right Away Recruiting people who want to make money online, and tell them to do the same.

Video Webinar Training: it is suggested that you visit the Webinar Center and Watch Sales Agent Videos 1-4 about WOM Vegas. Start Here. click here

Make Money -

When you join you ARE given a Temporary downline to earn from others purchases. You can earn Quarters, Nickels, Dimes and 15 Cents from this Temp Downline. That is the only reason it is here.

To Start Earning You will need to buy Banners to earn 25 cents down 70 Levels on their Banner Purchases. You have to buy $7 worth of Banners to Earn down 70 Levels.

If you want to earn Nickels You Buy womMobile ads to earn nickels down 70 Levels. You have to buy $7 worth of Mobile Ads.

If you want to earn dimes, you buy Surf Ads and get paid down 70 Levels. You have to buy $7 worth of Surfer Ads.

If you want to earn 15 cents you will need to buy Classified Ads to earn down 70 Levels. You have to buy $7 worth of Classified Ads.

Every member at womvegas free or upgraded must recruit a customer who does NOT become SALES Agent to earn down 71 to 7000 Levels.

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