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Retail mobile deal coupons for $99.00 to local businesses.

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ATTENTION: I am looking for Coupon Marketers for my Cities in my Master City Promoter Network. Coupons can actually be sold worldwide.

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Word of Mouth Coupons for local businesses are easy to sell. Suggested Retail is $99, and you put that in your pocket less my coupon charge if you join my downline.

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The business pays you directly. You can decide on cash, check, or credit card. You can keep everything over $35.00. If you obtain the coupon from womVegas the cost is $29.00 in 10 count lots increasing your profits.

You earn $64.00 if I obtain the coupon purchase from womVegas.

MobileDeals - Coupon Offers.

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Mobile Deals - Coupon Offers. Coupons get the sign in (those that really want your deal). Create a discount or a 2 for 1 deal. A one-time special price can work. People have a coupon sent to their device or simply print. We make it easy for your customer to bring the coupon to you. What they spend goes directly to you.

We promote your website. Everyone that views the coupon can click to see your website. Best Yet - we have some 35,000 members promoting your coupon on womVegas, Twitter, Facebook and other Internet Sites for you.

We get High Traffic. WOMVEGAS ranks 14,000 Alexa.We reach more visitors than 99% of all internet sites. We will get your website NEW traffic.

We will provide a coupon that can either be printed, or they can simply write down the number of the coupon, or they can show it to the business owner on their mobile devices. We make it easy for the business owner's customer to bring the coupon to the business owner.

wom Mobile Deal coupons have a very easy template that looks very nice. The business owner just types in the business owner's offer, and the business owner can see exactly what the business owner's coupon looks like as the business owner enters the business owner's information. The business owner can even upload a picture and it will automatically be perfectly sized to fit the business owner's coupon. If the business owner does not like how the business owner's coupon looks the business owner can edit it in real time.

What if the deal is not going as well as the business owner wants? What if the business owner needs to make changes to the business owner's coupon? With wom Mobile Deal coupons the business owner can make unlimited real time changes as often as the business owner like. The business owner can even pause and republish as often as the business owner likes for up to 45 days.

EVERY person that takes a coupon is AUTOMATICALLY added to the business owner's personal wom mobile deals list. The business owner will be able to easily follow up with each of these people even AFTER the coupon has expired. This will help to create loyalty and repeat business from the business owner's customers.

When the business owner buys the coupon the business owner has as much time as the business owner needs to publish it. The business owner's 45 day time period does not start until the business owner publishes. That means the business owner can take as much time as the business owner wants to prepare the business owner's special offer, and then START it whenever the business owner CHOOSES.

Business owners can choose how much of a discount they wish to offer.

With wom Mobile Deal coupons the customers pay the business owner DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY. This is different from companies like Groupon that gives the company the income in intervals at future dates.

With wom Mobile Deal coupons the business owner keeps 100% of what the business owner collects. This means GREAT cash flow, GREAT profits.

wom Mobile Deal's entire focus is the mobile market. Of course anyone can see wom Mobile Deal coupons on any desktop computer or lap top, but they really excel on smart phones, and that is where the market is headed.

We will let the business owner place up to 100 PREMIUM classified advertisements on to advertise the business owner's business and the business owner's coupon. Amazingly, the average PREMIUM classified on has over 3,786 Views, is shared by 26 people, has 209 clicks from shared links and 136 clicks from Twitter.

We will promote the business owner's website with a link on the business owner's coupon. Everyone that views the business owner's coupon can click to see the business owner's website. The business owner may notice a lot of new traffic to the business owner's website from the business owner's coupon.

We will also give the business owner the control panel for wom Mobile Deals that will let the business owner send out deals to the business owner's customer's mobile devices. The business owner can use this even after the business owner's coupon has finished to stimulate business anytime the business owner wants.

We have a community that will promote the business owner's coupon with word of mouth. They will tell friends, they will tweet about it, they will place links to it, and more. They love to promote the business owner's coupons because we have a lot of fun contests and games they like to win.

All of this is only $99.

Let us help!


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