In these difficult economic times, it has never been more important to choose the best recession proof fundraisers than now. Not only are non profit organizations suffering through this recession, but so too are millions of people who are unemployed or under employed. This puts the stress on all fundraising activities as donors no longer will purchase overpriced cookies, candy, wrapping paper, pizza dough and all the other products few people want or need with their stressed budgets.

We specialize in researching and evaluating the best recession proof products and services which the masses are already purchasing and using. Transfer buying is our niche, not trying to sell people on a new product or service, but getting them to switch based on verified value for the same, if not better, name brand products and services. Everyone knows someone who wants to save money, save time and hassle of shopping through higher priced outlets.

We choose mass appeal products and services, items which millions are already purchasing weekly which insures a strong ongoing revenue stream without the need to constantly launch new fundraiser every year like the Girl Scout Cookie drives where you have to find new customers every year. If you could save your customers hundreds on something they are already purchasing, same name brand item, same service, same everything, except the high price, would that be easier than selling overpriced items each year?

The movie rental industry is one of the most recession proof businesses ever. One thing everyone does is rent movies, in fact, millions rent movies every week, do you? Do you know someone who also rents movies? Do you know someone who wants to save money on exactly the same movies and home delivery as BlockBuster and NetFlix offers? If so, we can show you how to easily raise unlimited funds by offering your donors real value, not some same old same old overpriced item no one needs or wants.

Now for the best part, we can reward your NPO volunteers for their assistance with free unlimited movies while they help your specific fundraising campaign. We offer a flat rate movie rental subscription for just $2.08 per month to consumer, not $8.00 to $10.00 a month like all the others charge. Cable and satellite movie rentals are on average $6.99 each, so looking at the average family savings of hundreds of dollars when you ad games and soon, music and streaming movies online, no one comes close.

Bottom line, it is all about saving everyone money on what they are already purchasing, so easy everyone can do it. Rewarding volunteers is critical to your fundraisers success since it is so difficult to recruit volunteers as most families are now dual income trying to survive this recession. When volunteers can earn unlimited free movies, plus an extra income while helping their fundraiser exceed their financial goals, everyone wins. The donors and consumers win by saving money on what they are already purchasing, they feel good knowing a local non-profit organization, Church or worthy charity is being helped, plus the volunteers are receiving hundreds in value every year on their own movies, games and music, and best of all, the non-profit organization will generate ongoing residual funding as members renew their subscriptions every year automatically from your NPO website which is provided at no cost. Even your volunteers get a free website to promote, so again, everyone wins, a first in the non profit industry.

Better yet, more money saving services are going to be introduced. Next will be flat rate wireless plans saving your average family hundreds more every year while using the same providers you currently are paying more for, such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Again, no selling, just telling, and nothing could be easier than sharing a money saving plan with everyone you know. No explaining, everyone knows what they will be getting and how much money they can save, simple.

For those who are struggling or unemployed, we offer several money saving healthcare plans and benefits. plus a legacy life protection benefit worth thousands and a discount prescription plan which can save thousands if uninsured or underinsured. To learn more about how you can become a member of our Free-Fundraisers cooperative, simple visit click here and register for full details. If you are looking for a personal business opportunity, register directly at click here and register to learn more.

Success to all, Mike

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