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Important Update ( About PAYPAL ) - From Maryanne Myers - PHP Programmer + Internet Marketer + Web Designer + Network Owner from 1998 to present

" Hello There, 

Wondering what is going on, or why things are being delayed on all of my websites?
Wondering why your subscription was cancelled? Paypal forced me to do it and has caused me delays on working. 

As you may already know, Paypal has been suddenly limiting or closing a massive amount of accounts. 
It seems that they very slightly changed their terms in late October 2015 and then started slowing closing or limiting accounts and after a few months> Lately they did a big list and still are doing it. 

If they do not outright close it, they limit you once, repopen it on appeal. Then they find another website that you own... or you send out a commission payment, they limit you again. Then they reopen on appeal for the 2nd time. But then they do it again but the 3rd and final time - it's closed. You get the appeals if you are lucky, and I am one of them. 

This means "supporting" it too such as buying it, getting paid, or owning it - and it seems they are looking, even back to several years ago.
This is the reason, but they just a vague reason while limiting or closing your account. 

It does not matter how long you are with them. (I have sold though them since their existence)
It does not matter about your low refund rate. (Mine was less than 1 percent)
It does not matter how much money you make and give them for fee's (Mine is 6 figures a year, paying them for every payment received, paying capital loan fee's, personal credit interest fee's, spending 1000's a year just in domain names, etc)
It does not matter if they say "oh sorry it's a mistake" and reopen on appeal, it will get you again soon.
It does not matter how high you think you're on the totem poll.

So, you see none of the above matters, many have the same good history too. 

They are NOT just targeting traffic exchanges and safelists (aka mailers - same thing).
But since this is not illegal, they changed their terms to "support any mlm/ponzi" program.
Basically, if you sell advertising you support that. And it's a jack-ss move they made in October 2015 to protect themselves.
If you buy, sell or receive commissions through them - you'll be next very soon when they see you receive a payment, send a commission or own another website.
I would get your money out ASAP or else wait 6 months to get it. 

People who have been limited at least once already, are taking their payment buttons off their sites to preserve their remainder of their account, it is not in protest, they know the next time it will be permanent. I've also removed them from all of my sites to preserve what I had left in the account, which was for my daughters doctor bills as I told her "If they limit me again before I get it out, I wont have the money for you to see the doctors. Maybe I'll have to just open a go fund me page for you". 

But let me say this, I'm sick of the almost 2 decades of manipulation of the masses that they shouldn't type their credit card info into a real merchant account payment form - that a person, instead, should go through them (A middleman who will then go type it into THEIR merchant account to be "safer" somehow.... with tons of employee's who can access it at anytime!).

I'm also sick of the paranoia of using the wrong word on my sites, on withdrawing too much at once, or making too much too fast, or withdrawing too little, or having too big of a launch, or sending out commissions to too many people too fast, or sending a payment to the 'wrong person' even though I had no idea if they were 'the wrong person', or buying credits from the 'wrong' site. I did everything right but then they suddenly changed their "terms" and get you for just selling banner ad space on your website, or letting people surf or listing a textad in the HTML! 

The other day, I was afraid to buy credits at a certain site to advertise my newest site just last Friday. Because I was seeing people that were changing the word "credits" and using the word "tokens" trying to save their account. It will not save the account. They are booting sites for "selling advertising space." 

But I bought the credits anyway. And guess what, right after I did it through Paypal - I was limited the first time. It was most likely a coincidence.... but WHY should I even fear the word "credits" from any website? 

And worse, I was so paranoid for years that I was reading articles about "How not to get limited by Paypal" to further my knowledge about it. These are articles from people in OTHER arena's even. Everyone is on pins and needles! 
Think about it, it's absurd that it's even written about - how to not be betrayed and bullied by a middleman payment processor. 
They should write "How not to get bullied, misled, betrayed, enslaved and manipulated by Paypal" articles.

--------- But, let me give you some history here, especially to those who started owning sites only 5-6 years ago and for those who are new and buy advertising for your chosen programs. The last 5-6 years was one of the smooth times with Paypal. --------- 

I've been working and owning my network for a very long time. I saw Google come online, (Paypal), Alertpay (Payza), Myspace, Facebook, Gmail and numerous sites of all sorts from their start. So I watch them and know alot of their history. came online and then had a merchant account. 

[A merchant account is just a way for payments to be made through check or credit cards. Like McDonalds needs a merchant account to process the payment for the cheeseburger that you buy. When you slide your credit card to pay, it sends the info to the merchant account to process, hold and then settle it to Mcdonalds own bank account at the end of the day] 

They programmed their website to allow people to send and receive money to each other, the history was put into a database. You have your credit card number or deposit cash in it, and then the script would process the card during the buy though their merchant account or shift around the cash around virtually - all for an extra fee for being the middleman. But the middleman is something they made up and is getting paid for it - and it's not even needed as it is NOT the actual merchant account itself. It's not a bank either. 

They pay fee's to their merchant account to process the payment and add on extra more to you when you receive money. That is how they make their profit. 

That is ALL Paypal is, a middleman between you and their merchant account. 

Since so many trust this site and "have no problem in whatever X amount of years", I let go my own merchant account and let the middleman be the go between. I pay more fee's with them then having a merchant account because I had to play with them instead. 

But lets back up here.
Before they took over much of everything, people got commissions and payouts by check.
Sending checks was the #1 payment for commissions back then [even can be sent around the world]- but that slowly changed, almost forcibly because of Paypal carefully crafted their image. (alot of people think it's a bank, you must be approved by them, you must use them to buy, they are somehow "safer" and etc). 

In the years of the early to mid 2000's, they started dropping people suddenly, the very sites and people who built them up in the beginning. Everyone trusted them. By then they had a couple years under their belt and completely had new people manipulated into thinking that their website could "not survive" without them (the owners), or to the buyer it "was a scam if not 'approved by Paypal' and had that Paypal button had to be in use for payments. 

After awhile, they started dropping people (including me multiple times). Imagine how that looked to those who thought if you "weren't approved by Paypal"or else you were a scammer. I personally took alot of abusive email and threats over it everytime, because they assumed I was not "approved" so I was out to scam and steal from them. I always had to hurry and open another account so people would not know it was closed, or I'd be threatened and called a scammer. It was disgusting, because this was just a group of people with a merchant account only they subconsciously brainwashed some people into behaving this way. 

P.pal just put out that image to ensnare people and those extra fee's they make on every payment sent. That image was out there to buyers and it pressured sellers to use them - or be seen as "not Approved by Paypal". Think about it - who are they anyway? A group of people with a merchant account who is subconsciously forcing real merchants out of their own merchant account and to use theirs - for an extra fee everytime. 

Let me remind you:
- They are just a middleman making money off every transaction in order to use their merchant account.
- They are NOT any "safer" than a real merchant account. Whether selling or buying.
- They are not the law.
- They are not a bank.
- They can not "shut down" an industry, a website, or stop you paying out commissions.
- They can not stop you from getting commissions or joining a program 

They do not shut down a massive amount of accounts to protect you as a buyer or seller, they do it because they have to protect their artificial image and their merchant account. 

A merchant account can be lost if you run the wrong transactions through it (such as porn - there are special ones to use for that) or if you get too many chargebacks. So they do it to protect themselves, not you (buyer or seller).

Anyway, after the carnage way back then, they bought Ebay.
So many people using the middleman made the middleman alot of money to buy things! And then they forced people to use only Paypal on Ebay. 

Around that time, I of course, had another new account because, back then, they did not ask for so much sensitive information. But then they did. When I gave them all the info they wanted - suddenly I was a victim of idenity theft. In my police report I verbally told the police to check out employee's at Paypal because that was the only place that had that much specific information and I realized that employee's viewed bank info and much more. [nothing came of this as it was 'out of jurisdiction']. 

Fast forward to 2014. Lots of TE's and Safelists pop up since 2010, and a whole new round of people. All is smooth and well and trusting and happy, most never experienced this history. They have a false sense of trust... they listen to other's advice who have a vindictive motive, who told them to not use other processor. Meanwhile they are not realizing that the Paypal makes far more money elsewhere processing payments than they do on a safelist (mailer) or traffic exchange group of sites. 

--- And so... ....then here comes TrafficMonsoon in 2014, which is a similiar site to the troubled 12dailypro 500 millon site in the early to mid 2000's! This website wiped out Paypal's rival called Stormpay (I was there during that of course). Stormpay was the main payment processor for it, and it shut down because 12dailypro ran its transactions heavily in it. So this gave it a bad name and they closed down. But then opened as the Clixsense PTC site. (it has been sold to someone else now). 

I'm unbiased about Trafficmonsoon, I do not know what he told people or how exactly it all works on that site. But I do keep a close eye on certain things. And I do believe Charles Scoville when he repeatedly posts on Facebook that he talked to Paypal AUP people and they said "You're doing good, keep doing what you're doing, you have a low refund rate, etc etc" they look at the business model, time passes, then Boom - it's soon restricted out of the blue. 

Why do I believe it? because I have been told by others (directly) that Paypal told THEM the same thing and then some time passes, Boom - limited/closed their accounts suddenly. 

What is odd with Scoville being restricted in January 2016 is that they ...allowed... him to receive payments (and every payment they get money on), but they did not allow him to withdraw any of it. 
I have been restricted numerous times - that was never was allowed with me - but I didn't make the cash amount like this below.... 

With him, this went on from January until February - and the SEC investigation said it was ONE MILLION ...A DAY. They made fee's on every transaction that was resulting in one million a day. Some agency should look into that carefully someday. A restriction stating their is wrongdoing, knowing it but still getting that fee money from those transactions? Could it be maybe it was to appear you are doing something about it just in case someone will look in your direction? 

So when Trafficmonsoon was taken over by the SEC (securities and exchange commission), many refund requests and chargebacks were done and still are - into the millions. Remember when I said a merchant account gets in trouble with too many refunds/chargebacks? And the heads up about Trafficmonsoon was made in October 2015 or before (they changed their terms in October 2015 about the so called "supporting" advertising for them!) 

To avoid legal trouble with this involvement and they most likely also had to agree to get rid of all advertising sites processing through their processor to keep their merchant account(s). I do not believe it's about insurance as I heard. If it truly is, then they most likely told them to get rid of all advertising sites. 

================================================= So we are thrown under the bus. Tossed away like trash again, without regard if you have to buy groceries or pay rent. It's a nice blanket way to save themselves because hey, because they can. 

If they did it to you, your trust was betrayed - take comfort it's normal for Paypal to do that to people.

If they did it to you, take heart - you really aren't a get rich/mlm/ponzi as they said in their email, they just pocket the fee's for the real ones. 

In my head, they are just a whore. 

So that is what I think is happening and hear what is happening. I guess in some time they will get sued by ANOTHER class action. 

Personally, since this happened to me on Friday - I've sleep for 4 night straight. A good sleep, the best after several years of insomnia. No more paranoia, no more being scared to use the wrong word on a site or the wrong person buying from me. Everyone will still be paid one way or another, my sites will remain the same. Been through this before and everything was fine. I added several processors (still in the process because it is 40 websites) and will be adding my own merchant account soon. Payza has already been on EVERY site because they work fine. 

I'm glad you are a member, 
Maryanne Myers - PHP Programmer + Internet Marketer + Web Designer + Network Owner 
I've owned websites and have paid members through the years of 1998 to the Present "

Thank you Maryanne for this wonderful post.
Tim and I will never give up on what we have started. We will survive.

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