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First reason for joining Skinny Body Care home business is the product. I never join a home business that doesn’t have an actual product to sell. On top of that, I prefer natural products. My journey to be healthier has led me to as many natural products as possible. Finally, when it comes to an industry that will always have consumers, weight loss is number one in the USA. People are always looking for help in losing weight in this country. The sky is truly the limit in building a business within the weight loss industry.

Second reason for joining Skinny Body Care home business is the compensation. I take compensation plans seriously because I have found way too many where it is unbelievably difficult to make any kind of real money. Take binary compensation plans, for example. They are a joke. How people continually get conned into joining a binary plan is beyond me. A matrix plan is always the way to go, and Skinny Body Care has that. Add onto that fast start bonuses per bottle sold as well as matching bonuses for building a team and you have a real opportunity to make real money by selling to customers and/or building a team of distributors.

Finally, as an experiment, I joined Skinny Body Care home business because I have recently learned how to hit the front pages of Google for any keyword I’m optimizing for. As an experiment, I was looking for a home based business with an excellent price point to build via blogging and search engines. Part of the reason you are finding this post is because of what I know how to do as far as marketing on the internet. So far, I have made a total of 19 sales and business signups just by utilizing my blog to generate traffic, leads and sales. It has truly been one of the easiest businesses to build. If you consider that the average person only makes 3 sales/signups EVER, having a total of 19 from doing very little on a blog is quite phenomenal.

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