How to Get Started Setting Up Your
Tim and Geo
TIP:  If you are in a Group Room and you want to get back to the Main page
Look up at the top of the page and Click:   CHAT HOME

After you get Signed up Login Here

You will come to the Home page. On the Home page Click the world:  ACCOUNT

Tim and Geo

On the Accounts page you will see:

1. Edit your email, paypal, password, name, IICOC badge, City Pennysaver Promo Code, and About Me.
        It is very importnat to Click on #1 and fill out all the information! Especially if you want to get paid

2. Upload Your Avatar for Your Profile Page - Upload a picture of you

3. Create a new timngeo Social Marketing System.  This is where you create your Landing page to get everything started.

4. Edit & see statistics for your timngeo Marketing.  -
This is where you edit and turn on features of the programs

Tim and Geo

The Next Thing to do is Click on #3 to create a Landing page 

Tip: Make sure you  name the landing page a good name because once the landing page is created, your group will be created using the same name as your landing page.

Once on the Go Live page make sure to notice the URLS to Use to promote your Business. We give you 3 ways to promote. Please copy and paste those down or on the accounts  page go to #5 to get them.

Tim and Geo
Click Here to get back to the account page 
On the Account page Click #4 and look for these Headings in tthe Long Table going across the page

Request to be on Showcase List
 - you will need to request this

Edit About Us
 - you will need to click there and put in your information about your business - you can use HTML and Images or just plain text.
See this Example

Click ABOUT US at top of this Group .  Also Notice How I set up my group. I clicked Post and put in text or images.  

Tim and Geo

Is Your IICOC Badge Showing on timngeo Social Marketing System?  If you want this and you set it up in your profile, then click yes! (Just an Option)

Are Your City Pennysaver Portals Showing on Marketing Center? - If you are a city owner click Yes

Tim and Geo

Are You Receiving Email Notices Of New Leads? Click Yes

Which Email are Notices Being Sent To?  Put in your Email

Is This Email Verified?
verify and say yes or it may do it automatically for you.

Tim and Geo

Next Go to Your Group You get to the Group Page by Going Here

Find Your Group in the Table and click the Name of your Group

Now you are at your Group Room, Here you can click Post and add post
Type your post and add the URL starting with the http//
Into the Box and then click Submit!

Add images by clicking Post and then click Post a Picture

You can have as many post and images as you want in your room

You can get very created here!

TIP:  If you are in a Group Room and you want to get back to the Main page
Look up at the top of the page and Click:   CHAT HOME

Tim and Geo

Everyday please go to the Coffee Shop CLICK HERE
It is very important that you show your face here for this will be where everyone
will come to and this is place to get kown. That is how I got so popular at a certain
site.. Trust me, I had no idea what I was doing, I just love to meet people and people
love for you to say hello and acknowledge them. People will remember your name.

Say Hello To everyone... Soon we will have Virtual Good
Morning Icons and Gifts to send to your freinds

Tim and Geo

Georgetta Monroe

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