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Q. What is City Pennysaver?

A. City Pennysaver is a viral network of cities that you can place your ads
on and be seen all over the Internet. Click here for Why I want to buy a
City Pennysaver.

Q. Where is My Product I just bought? It DID NOT install Instantly?
A. You don't see your product package because it takes 5 minutes
for the any products to Install at City Pennysaver. Check back after 5 minutes.

Q. Why do I not see my city right after I purchased it under My account
and #10 See my City Pennysavers?

A. You don't see your city because it takes 5 minutes for the city to Install. Check
back after 5 minutes. If you still do not see it please Post in the Live Support
Chat Room

Q. Where do I find my City Right after it installs?
A. Go to Manage Ads once on that page scroll down to:
#10: See your City Pennysavers
you have purchased and click there... On the next Page you will find your city(s) and
your referral links for your city.

Q. Where do I find my City Referral Links?
Go to Manage Ads once on that page scroll down to: #10: See your City Pennysavers
you have purchased and click there... On the next Page you will find your city(s)
your referral links for your city. (Make Sure to Scroll down if you have more than 1 city
to Find other city referral links

Q. What Videos Do I watch to set up a city right after I buy it?
A. How To Find your Sponsored Ads and what the Customer Will See Video Click Here
How To Set Up your 25 Box Text Ads Video Click Here
How to find your city referral links and other info:  Click Here
ULA System for 25 Box text Ads Video is one payment: $10 Lifetime Click Here
All of these videos are about your city ads.

Q. Where can I Find Referrals Links to Promote City Pennysavers
A. Go to Manage ads and on that page click
#2 Links to Refer People to City Pennysaver
There you will find Your City Pennysaver Referral links
City Pennysaver banners, Headlines and Solo Ads

Q. My account says free and I bought a city?
A. The City and Platinum Advertising Package are sold Separately.. If you want to
remove the FREE from your Profile page you will need to go the Upgrade Tab and
choose one of our advertising packages, Platinum being the best.

Q. How do I delete banners and box text ads?
A. You cannot delete a banner ad or a box text ad... you can only click the word EDIT
by the banner you want to delete and change it to something NEW.

Q. How do I change my name on my city?
A. Go to My Account then scroll down to #4: Edit Paypal, Name, Email, About Me for
Profile, Solid Trust Pay Username, Payza Email, Other payment options. On the
Next page is where you can change your name.

Q. ? Why are other ads on my city?
A. They are other members ads.. We all promote for each other. We set City Pennysaver
up to be a Viral Network. but we did realize that some may not want to have any ads
on their City Pennysavers. So...

We came up with Local... If you don t' want to have member ads on your city Just go to
My Account Next Click #10 See your Penny Savers

Once on that page Click where it says International in Blue?it and will turn yellow
and say Local

Go look at your city.. You will have to use the Free 25 lifetime box ads to fill the empty
space on your city. They are found under Manage Ads, Next look for manage Lifetime
box text ads, and put in your information and the ads will always show at the top.

Q. If I don't ?see certain cities may I ask It they can be install to buy?
A. Yes you can and Tim will let you if it can be done.

Q. How Many Cities can I buy?
A. You Can buy as MANY available Cities as you like! There is NO Limit.

Sponsor Ads Questions and Answers

Q. ?Where do I find City Sponsor Ads?
A. ? Go To Manage Ads... Next Click on

Q. ?Why ads show 2 times?or more on Sponsor Ads?

A. We need to fill up that space. If you provide only one advertisement we will use it several times
to do so. I suggest uploading many of the 40 free banners you were given there to help fill up the

Advertising Package Upgrade Q and A

Q. Why do I NOT SEE my Advertising Package credits right after
I purchased them?

A. ?You don't see your advertising package? because it takes 5 minutes
for the any products to Install. Check back after 5 minutes.

Q. I paid for Cooper, Silver, Goldor Platinum Ad Package and did not
get upgraded?
Since we pay Instant Commission and member to member we don't
know who you paid or when you paid if we don't receive a record back
from the payment source telling our servers to upgrade you. So when
this happens please go to the Live Support Chat and Tell us your name,
that you have paid for one of our upgraded packages and please paste
in your receipt for the payment. you can leave off your name and
address. We just need the date, who you paid, their payment email
and how much you ?paid.

Q. How do I to Find?Platinum
A. Go to manage ads once on that page scroll down and choose a box text ad?you want to add
more views to then click BUY MORE VIEWS on that page you will choose CREDITS in green!!

Q. How many months is the Platinum Membership good for?
A. You have to renew your Platinum Membership every 6 months to keep receiving
Instant Commission.

Q. Is there a quick look at what a Platinum Membership pays?
A. ? Yes. Please look at this page and scroll down to the bottom to see Platinum Information
Quick look at Commissions by Geo:? Click Here

Box Text Ads Questions and Answers
Q. How Do I Find my?25 box text ads?
A. Step 1. Go to Manage Ads. ?
Step 2. Click on
Step 3.? when you get to the next page you must read it or you will have questions that are
already answered on the page. Step 4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose
a city. Click There and you will see your 25 Lifetime Box Ads

Q. When I click on Manage ads it displays empty Box Ads and some
text Link ads to Edit.
Where do these box ads appear?
A. Its up to you where they appear. ?You can choose worldwide which means the ads will be
seen on almost all City Pennysavers sold. If you choose a city they can be seen in the
city of your choice. Except for the Text Links which are one liners, they appear on almost every
City Pennysaver sold.

Q. How should a boxed text ad look and what size square banner to use?
A. This is what a Boxed Text ad should look like Click Here
This is only an example... You can use a larger square banner if you want but if it looks to
squishy then you will need to pick another one smaller. But the image must be square.

Q. What is the Difference between the 25 Lifetime Box Ads and Box Text Ads
A. The difference is the 25 Lifetime Box Ads you can add as many views as you like for each
LIFETIME Box ads and they show above any ads on your city. The Boxed Text Ads are your
ads that you paid $3.99 to $9.99 for. They show on almost all city pennysavers when you
choose worldwide. You CANNOT ADD VIEWS to these ads. You must buy them.

600x300 Questions and Answers

Q. Why do I NOT SEE my 600x300 Image Ads right after
I purchased them?

A. You don't see your 600x300 Image Ads because it takes 5 minutes
for the 600x300 Image Ads to Install. Check back after 5 minutes.

Q. Where do I Find he 600x300 Ads?

A.  Go to Manage Ads and Click on
Next read what is on the next page and scroll down
to click on the city of your choice and you will find the 600x300 ads.

Q. I want to buy the 600x300 Ads in cities that does not have an owner?
A. Go To Mange Ads then click on Manage 600x300 Lifetime Ads after you
get to that page click on the city for then look for a yellow sign underneath the
600x300 images that says
: CLICK HERE to make this 60 x300 advertisement
show World WIDE in City Pennsavers without an owner. Click there and buy!

Q. How Do I Prove to the Customer I am Promoting their?600x300 Ads?
A. Once you place the ad for your customer it will go on your city... There is a link
to the far right of the ad you placed for them, that you can give to the customer
for proof you are promoting their ad. It will look like this to the customer Click Here

ULA Systems - Please look at
the videos First to Learn about
these System.

These Systems are Optional. You do not have
to buy the Systems for your city.

600x300 ULA Simple Sales System Video Click Here
Boxed Text Ad ULA Simple Sales System Video Click Here

How to Buy the Box Text ULA System Super
Simple Sales System

If you Plan on selling your Free 25 Lifetime Boxed Text Ads
that came free with your city, and if you choose to,
you will
only need to buy the Boxed Texas ULA Super Simple Sales

Click Here to see how and where to buy this system.
This system is $10.00 for each city you own.

P.S. It Takes 5 minutes after you pay for the system
to install...

How to Buy the 600x300 ULA System Super
Simple Sales System

If you plan on selling 600x300 Ads to customers?you will need
to purchase A and B Systems below. They work hand in hand.
They are sold separately for each city. Make SURE YOU ARE
if you buy for the wrong City.

A. 600x300 Super Simple Sales System - this system sells
the 600x300 Lifetime Ads. Make sure to turn on your system
after it installs.  Click here to see How to Purchase.

B. 600x300 Lifetime Ads: Click here to see How to

Geo's Advertisng Page on the Referral Page

NEW! Geo's Ad Page! Any link on this page has YOUR ID on it.
You need to have at least 1,000 hits/views on at least one of
your City Pennysavers for Your City to show up on the Page.

Click Here to See How it Looks.. Has a New video on it!

If you do not see your city on the page in the table please do

Q. Why Don't I see my City on Geo's Advertising page?
Because You need to get 1,000 Views/hit to your city(s)
for it to show up on the page.

Q. Where is Geo's Advertsing Page located on City Pennysaver
A. Go to My account then click #2 My Links to Refer

The Live Support Chat Box


If you had a question and don't see it at the Top of the chat , please?scroll down
in the Chat Box to see if it has been answer. If you still do not see it after scrolling
down please make sure to Click:

See More Post in the grayish section right below this chat text box.
Look for: See more post: 100 500 1000

If you need help and Tim and Geo are not answering you that means?we
are offline. Please visit our video page for answers:? CLICK HERE

Commission Questions and Answers

Q. Do I get Paid referral commision when a City is Sold?
A. It states on the upgrade page 0% = Free Members or When you upgraded to
Platinum or to one of our advertising memberships you do not get paid when City
Pennysavers are Sold. However, 85% of all City Pennysaver owners UPGRADE
which you do get paid for and for much more.

Q. Is there a Quick overview of what Free to Platinum Packages Pay?
A. Yes Please look at this page I have created, to see
what a Free to Platinum Membership earn: CLICK HERE NOW

TREAT TWEET Questions and Answers

Q. Where is the Treat Treat Located on City Pennysaver?
A. Go to My Account Next on the Page click #14 Tweet Treat

Q. Why is Treat Tweet so slow in traffic?
A. We Need to get more free members using tweet treat so we can have more
traffic coming in. Right now its slow ... We are going to run a contest to encourage

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