Points Earned and Spent Report
Go To Account and #27 Click Here

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Escrow Account

Add Points to Your Escrow Account for the
Wom Vegas Strip Game,
High Stakes Slot Game,
Top Text and Top Choice Ads Advertising Sites

Since your points expire after 45 days if you have not spent them
(Ignore points expire
until Further Notice from the Owner)

To do This Go To Account Next Click: # 21 or Click Here

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Cash and Points Will Give
You 5,000 Points A Tweet
Cash and Points, Points Go Into your Regular Points Report
Click Here to Read the Page
1. Get 5,000 points instantly when you tweet BOTH tweets.
One has a URL and one does not. You may do this every 5 minutes.

2. Get 5,000 to 100,000 points for EVERY click from your
TWITTER.COM post. Your tweet may be instantly seen by
THOUSANDS in the TWITTER.COM search engine for a few minutes
up to a few hours even if you have NO followers. Anyone clicking on your
link on your twitter post will create POINTS FOR YOU.

3. Anyone that joins WomVegas.com as a result of following
your link from Twitter will be put into YOUR downline on your 1st Level!
4. You will earn CASH for anyone that spends money on any products
or services on womVegas.com as long as you are a Free Sales
Agent. It is free to become a sales agent. CASH is paid to you
via Payza.com, or other options.

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Tweeting the Business Listings

and Zip Code Portals
Get A Ton of Points By Tweeting
Business Listings in womTown
Click Here to Get to womTown

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Games at womvegas
That Gives Huge Points

High Stakes Slots
Sponsored by Maxxscape.com
You Must Have Points in Your Escrow Account to Play This Game
All Points You Earn From the High Stakes Slot
Game Will Remain in Your Escrow Account
For Your To use on Other Games and Advertising at womvegas

Pick A Door
There are 3 doors. Click on one of your choice
and you can win 2,000 to 20,000 points.
You may only play this game one time. It is to help you get
started with points here on WomVegas.com
These Points Go Into your Regular Points Report
Click Here
pick a door

Bingo Points Go Into your Regular Points Report

Stop Tim
Stop Tim Go Into your Regular Points Report

Texas Holdem Poker

TX Holdem Points Go Into your Regular Points Report

Where To Use Points
Top Text Ads Click Here
Choice Text Ads Click Here

You Must Bid on the Spot You Want You Pic to go
on the Home Page when you put in your Ads.
I really like these two Sites.
You Put Your Ads in as the Same Way you do
In womClassified.
It can take quite a Million Points to get on the firt
Row or even in First Place.
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Send Gifts To Friends In the Coffee Shop
Click Here
(Next Click on Picture of the Person
On Their Profile Page under their Picture Click Gift)

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Mini Ol Sites

You Can Spend Your Points Posting your 125x125 Banner from Mini Ol Sites
You Can Spend your Points Getting Leads from Mini Ol Sites

You Can Also Get Points by Clicking the Banners you See on the Site.


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Strip Game
Wom Vegas Strip Game
(Levels 1 thru 3 ready to play).
Tim Has Not Finish This Game Yet. Som
of the Functions Work and Some Does
Not. Fun Game I think.

Here is A Google Hangout Showing
Telling you About the Coffee Shop, Games in The
Coffee Shop, How To Post in the Coffee Shop plus
the Strip Game!
Click Here

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