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Welcome Here!

If you looking for how to Make Money Online - you are at the right place!

Here you'll find a lot of free information and also here are a lot of valuable information by some fee (not expensive)


Tips for Online Marketers

- if possible, then use at least two monitors to one PC;

- not check the traffic statstics every 5 minutes, completely enought is to check it twice a day;

- not jump from one program to another, simply complete what you started;

- learn to not read every e-mail, but only those that are important to you;

- learn to relax!!!

Funny Video about Tips for Marketers

Where to start?

First of all you need to understand how internet marketing works in real - what are the types of internet marketing, what tools do you need, for what you have to pay money and for what do not need to pay, in which niche you want to work... and, and, and...

But here is one big BUT... All of us want first to start making money, but only then to start learning how to do it correct.

Therefore I created a very easy Step-by-Step tutorial with Images

"Create your sell site without spending any penny"

You can read it in my site place4share.com or, if you prefer read from pdf file, just click on e-book image below (instant download)


Follow these simple steps and after one or two days your site with your product will be Online, but you will not spent any penny!!! You do not need special knowledge, all the necessary codes and scripts I've prepared for you.

When you create your page, if you will work correctly (as it is written in e-book), you earn a little money, but it is not important, IMPORTANT is that you understand how to create pages for free, where to take the product for sale and how to promote your own site. Once you understand the principles of how to work, you will find many different ways of profit!

The Best Place where to start to learn

I'm not a guru, but I study hard about how to make money online. At the moment I do not work anywhere else and it is an achievement :) After long searches (more than one and a half year) to make money online, I found information about Chris Farrell. Looking at his web site information, I realized that alone is not a warrior... I became his teammate and in two weeks I learned all what I tried to learn myself. Now I know how to make money online, I have some free time to learn new techniques and I have time to share my discoveries with you! Check out a short video (abowe) about Chris Farrell and if you have the financial possibility ($27), definitely come to our team - you'll save a lot of time and money!


My name is Felikss Veilands and I am a Full Time Internet Marketer

I will show you my findings because I believe that if we will live friendly and will share our experience, then more we all will be able to earn. More about online business, you can find in my site: place4share.com

Have a Success Online Business!

P.S. I set up this site here: womVegas Sites Here, you can create and host 3 sites absolutely free! As you can see, the site you can use very different - for the Affiliate, for AdSense, for your site or product promotion and for much, much more. To create a non-standard (not the template) site such as this, you should have a basic knowledge of HTML. Such knowledge and even more, you can get here: Chris Farrell Membership

This information alone could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year

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