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My name is Salley Dowsett I am a semi-retired RN and a stay at home caregiver. Having a business has allowed me to do this for my mother.

I know there are others out there who desire to have a secondary or even a replacement income but have come upon challenges like I have.

I prefer to work with my team members to help them succeed and to provide support.

I try to look for businesses and advertising that are affordable and add value to my business portfolio.

If you are a team player, would like to join me in my business and be added to my rotator then feel free to contact me salleyd (at)

I make no assumption that you want or need my help so you must contact me. And I make no guarantee that you will succeed. That is totally up to you.

Salley Dowsett

I am the owner of:
TrafficMax - use promo code tmgrowth for additional advertising at TM
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Affordable Advertising Resources

Success Q - is a one time $7 advertising business. You get a 1000 ad credits just for visiting.

Money M - you get 1000 text ad views for $7

Two Dollar - you get 1000 banner views for $7

7,000 Banner Views - You get 7,000 views for only $7.

List Building

12SC - your one stop shop for autoresponders, url rotators, advertising for any legit business.

Business Training

Reality Networkers is a business training and growth program. There is a lot of information and it is a free to join site.

Should you decide to upgrade it is only a $25 one time fee.

F5M - I had to put this one under the training resources simply because there is a lot of information in the site about advertising, building your business and resources.

There is a one time $5 fee but it is well worth the cost.

I am now promoting a team builder for this program instead of the program itself.

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Earn Cash by changing your homepage.

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Green Organics Take a Free tour.

Newsletter Blowout copy and paste generic newsletters for your AR.

Information Mall - gardening, cooking, business & marketing and more.

Siphon build your list 5 times faster.

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