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My name is Carl Vogel. I am from Reedsburg, WI which is in the central part of the state. I have been on and off WOM Vegas for about 5 or 6 years now. Still not making much am still working at it. Sure wished I could but have to make the money to on here somehow to be able to spend it.

I have been married since Oct. 1973. My wife's name is Brenda. We have 2 girls and they are married with kids now. The oldest one Tracy has three boys which have all trying to get out on there own to of the three are out on there own so far. The oldest has one boy about six years old now and one just turned 1 this year.

The Youngest daughter Valerie has four kids 2 girl's and 2 boy's The oldest girl is going to College and working to help pay for the school cost. Both of the boys are working on a construction crew with there dad that is owned by John Douglas. They are all at home yet and live just outside of Reedsburg. Valerie is working at the specialty clinic up by the Hospital. She has just started to be a Tuperware Host in Reedsburg here.

I go bowling every Tuesday on the Young At Heart League. We have about 40 members on the winter league and the summer league vary's week to week. Also the summer league is 9 pine tap. We bowl for the fun and the comradery. Everybody just loves getting together for the excitement.

Me and my wife are both on retired and. We do own our own house so far. It is becoming a challenge just to do what is needed around the house. So not real sure how much longer we will be able to stay here as I get so winded when have to do much of anything.

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Will I just got on here to see what this is going to be and just how easy it is. I just spent some money on here now need to get busy and try to make some back as soon as possible.

My biggest challenge is getting to chat with my up line and get things going will have to get on my Skype and try to find out what to do next now. I have heard that it is going to be a little more difficult to getting things running in or on Wom Vegas as they are doing some construc-tion work on the sites. I will do my best to get things done and help where I can.
The Brewsters Lanes

This is my first business I am going to be advertising on my site here. It is the bowling alley that I bowl at in the league in Reedsburg, WI at 121 Viking Drive.

you can check out the web site of there here click here

Young at Heart League

My bowling scores for each week with the Young at Heart League

January 02 2017 131 166 123
January 10, 2017 159 104 117
January 24, 2017 142 98 148
January 31, 2017 158 105 189


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