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Welcome to Ready Built Downline!

The vision and goal of Ready Built Downline is to build a MASSIVE downline of entrepreneurs, joining together and marching across the globe, as ONE.
Ready Built Downline is the new generation of builders working together building a business which makes everyone money. Ready Built Downline began as a closed group on Facebook, where everyone had to request to join the group, but we decided that we should launch our opportunity to the whole world!
We want to welcome ALL Entrepreneurs into these 4 walls and make available all the business building tools that we use… And Most Importantly, offer You the opportunity to Join our Global Business Downline Group to start earning income from MLM, maybe for the first time in your Network Marketing career.
Welcome Home!

I was just listening to the call that Doug Safriet was hosting tonight. I did want to say that even though I am not making money yet (joined May 19th), I really like the products, and they are working. I am about to try the MetaboWize Shakes and the Am and Pm Formulas. These products have excellent health benefits, and the cost is minimal.
This is one of the products I am ordering:
MetaboWize PM Formula
60 Capsules
The MetaboWize PM Formula controls cortisol which is often associated with a dysfunctional metabolism, poor health and obesity. It also contains nutrients that help to boost levels of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, which is necessary for effective relaxation, deep sleep, craving control and fat loss. Sleep researchers from Cornel University have found that at least half of the American population is chronically sleep-deprived and at least 56 percent of the US population complains about daytime drowsiness. Research presented in the January 2005 edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine, shows that insufficient sleep decreases metabolism, leading to overweight and obesity.
MetaboWize AM Formula
60 Capsules

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