Half Miss It, Which Half Are YOU In?

The old adage "... inch by inch its a cinch, yard by yard its hard" is true for many of us that want to make extra income, especially utilizing online resources.

So rather than ask you to make a LEAP lets just begin to CREEP in the same direction.

It will never get any better than showing folks how they can keep doing exactly what they are already doing AND get paid.

That is right, keep buying the same name brand products that they have always bought from the same store from the same money already allocated in the household budget for these essential items.

QUESTION: So what DOES need to be different?
ANSWER: A willingness to share a great idea with others.

This is so simple almost anyone CAN do it successfully. We have people that are in their late teens and early twenties all the way up to folks in their nineties ... so YOU CAN DO THIS!

QUESTION: What does it cost?
ANSWER: $10 a year for your company website and an ever so slight rearrangement of your cash flow.

You are already spending this money, so it really does not cost you anything extra. Yes, there is a one time out-of-pocket product purchase for which you will receive an account credit. Some will order items immediately, many will opt to let their team buying power leverage their account credit into an ongoing flow of checks and unrestricted store shopping cards for any items America's biggest retailer offers.

There is so much flexibility with this program that many people are able to utilize it to get their necessary food and fuel AND also cover their meals at national restaurant chains, handle their utilities (water, electric, gas) and anything else that can be done with a major debit card ... just ask me for the details on HOW!

Once you GET THE FACTS it becomes a very easy decision!

Start by going through the three steps listed in the middle column of this page.
Inch By Inch Its A Cinch!

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Thousands of people are substantially reducing (even totally eliminating) their out-of-pocket expenses for groceries and gasoline from their household budgets.

You can too.

P.S. Think of it in this way, if you move into a rental property you expect to pay a deposit. If you are setting up an account for utilities for the first time you may also need to provide a deposit. So if you are wrestling with the one time product purchase here, just weigh the large ongoing benefit versus the slight shuffling of your expenses to put yourself in position

Because this program is based on your necessary food there is virtually no risk. At any time a person chooses an order can be placed for the same brand name items!




An Analogy That May Help!

If you have a checking account (maybe even more than one) and you also have a savings account, then it may be helpful for you to draw a comparison for how the MPB Today program works.

The checking account(s) are very useful for more immediate, day to day, sort of transctions. While savings and investment accounts will often be thought of more as "rainy day" funds for those occasions when a little extra is helpful. Transferring funds between the accounts allows the funds to be held where they are most appropriate for any point in time. It is ALL your money, so the amounts in each separate account can be totaled together for determining how much money you have. Yes, there are often fees of one type or another that is paid to maintain the accounts.

The only required fee in the case of MPB Today is a $10 annual maintenance amount for your company replicated website and backoffice. This very modest amount provides a portal through which we can easily register new customers and affiliates. Yes, there IS a one time out-of-pocket product purchase. Using the analog of accounts where you keep your money, you can think of the product purchase as a deposit and it amounts to a transfer of amounts you had already allocated in your budget for necessary food and fuel already.

Since many of us actually use major bankcards rather than writing out checks and then pay when we receive the monthly statement then it really is a reallocation of resources. Of course, a major bank debit card can be use too.

Since you are receiving the brand name grocery products of your choice which you were going to get anyway ... you just keep getting the same name brand items you have always gotten, from the same place you have always gotten them ... it is a reallocation of resources that then puts you in position to benefit from team buying power.

Put your funds where they can do you the most good!

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