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When you join City Penny Savers you can Purchase Advertising to go in any city worldwide. This mean your ad will be seen on every City Pennysaver we sell and on the ones waiting to be sold.

Pennysavers is set up to be a Viral Network.
A Viral Network is a network that becomes popular through a
viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video,
the sharing of websites, social media and email.

We expect to have 1000s of City Pennysavers Promoting
their City. Soon Pennysavers will be all over the Internet and so will your Ads.                                                                                                                                                    

100 Pennysaver Views Free When You Join
We will give you 100 Pennysaver Views Free.Your Free Ad will be see on all of our Pennysavers that has been purchased and even the ones that has not. .Talk about your free ad going viral.

Sponsored City Ads
Sponsored City Ads are ads that you place in a city of your Choice. The City Pennysaver owner promotes the city all over the Internet showing your sponsor ad to all. Sponsor Ads are shown when People visit our Top Cities and our Credit Boost Program. In "Credit Boost" we are giving our members EXTRA credits to view your cities and  your sponsored ads.

Worldwide and City Advertising
Our World Wide Advertising is a plus for you. Just Purchase an advertising package for as low as $3.99 and up to $9.99 which will give you 468x60 Text Banners, 125x125 Text Banners and Text Links to place your ads in any city or worldwide (meaning your ads will be seen in everyone City Pennysaver that we sell and on the Pennysavers that are not sold. Your ads get seen all over the Internet and in places you would not normally advertise. That is the power of Viral Advertising.

Copper Package $3.99    Silver Package $5.99    Gold Package $7.99    Platinum Package $9.99

Our Advertising Packages comes with a Plus. You will earn 100% Commission when you refer to City Penny Savers and your referrals buy an advertising package.  Not Only will you get excellent advertising but cash straight to your payment account. Take a look at our low cost packages. You will earn these commissions for 6 months. After 6 months you will need to buy it again to earn instant commission.

Remember, You get 100% instant commissions when you purchase an advertising package every 6 months.

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