City Penny Saver

What is City Pennysaver and How Does it Work

Pennysavers is set up to be a Viral Network.
A Viral Network is a network that becomes popular through a
viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video,
the sharing of websites, social media and email.

We expect to have 1000s of City Pennysavers Promoting
their City. This means that everyone will be promoting
for each other and everyone will benefit from this type
of Promotion. That is Why it is call Viral. Soon Pennysavers
will be all over the Internet and So Will Your Ads.

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How to Get Started if you purchased
a City (Set up International Worldwide Ads)
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How To Get Started if you
purchased a City (Set Up Local)
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Q: Do I have to Sell the 40 Sponsor Ads?
A: No you Do not have to Sell the 40 sponsor ads.
All 40 Sponosr Ads belongs to you!

Q: Can I masked any of my Referral Links?
A: We prefer that you DO NOT Masked Links! You
can buy a domain name and forward your links.

Q: If I buy 3 or more cities do I have to
upgrade my advertising packs 3 times or more?
A: You only need to buy 1 Advertising Package

Q: Are City and Advertising Packages Sold Separately?
A: Yes they are sold separately

Q: Where is my Profile Page Located?
A: Your profile page is located under My Accounts

Q: Where are City Pennysaver Referral links located?
A. Under My Account click #2

Q: Where Can I see My Referrals
A. Under May Account Click #3

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