Here is a Sample Letter I am sending to my downline,
to invite them to buy a Mini OIl Well. You are Welcome to use it.  

Also There is Side Kick you must have if you are going to be very 
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Side Kick
Hi there,

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Did you know that.............

Everyone that buys their first Mini-Oil-Well AFTER you do will
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When Tim, the owner of womvegas, goes out to visit Beauty Salons
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 you earn Commission?  Did you Know that? Well,
The owner of womvegas is working for you. What a concept.

You ALWAYS get 1% of all sales to a salon that you are assigned for
every mini-oil-well you buy as long as you keep helping Tim
promote cloud canyon to that salon. Tim will give you exactly
what to say and it will most be posting on Tim's group at FaceBook
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What Are You Waiting For, Get Your Mini Oil Well today, starting at $7.50

You are in the right place at the right time.

Remember: You don't have to be great to get started,
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1. Read all about Mini Oil Wells
2. Buy Mini Oil Wells
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Just a reminder about the Mini Oil Wells. Listen to the video again.
This is huge and you can be on top for only $7.50

To Your Success,

About SideKick  Side Kick
Next Get Side Kick - Its an app you download FREE to See Who is Opeing your emails.
What a way to keep up with your donwline and to follow thru the next week.
Side Kick keeps a list of everyone who opens your emails. I use this list to send the same
emails the following weeks if they have not purchased a mini Oil well yet.
So this is a very important tool to have.

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