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Hello I am Georgetta Monroe
I Am Your Cloud Canyon


I want to introduce you to our Amazing Online Fundraising
Program at Cloud Canyon Where Your Organization Gets To Keep
30% of the Retail Sales off the Top!! What a Win Win

We are a new company but have an

amazingly successful fundraising program!

When it comes to assuring the financial future of your
Organization, Cloud Canyon can help you turn everyday online
shopping into cash.

We understand the difficulties of raising money and we are
passionate about providing an alternative funding source
for your organization by having your supporters shop online. They
never need to leave the comfort of their homes.


Cloud Canyon fundraiser allows for your organization to keep 30% of the
RETAIL SALES from your fundraiser efforts. Your supporters
PAY YOU DIRECTLY. The products are drop shipped to your
organization, and your supporters then pick up their purchases
from your organization.

You will be given a fundraiser code to give to your
members. That is all they need to shop online.
For example:
Your supporters use your fundraiser code either on their
own computers or a computer you provide, and purchase
from our website $10,000.00 worth of products. Your
supporters pay you, you keep 30% or $3,000. Your
supporters get products they love and feel good about
and you get to keep $3,000. What a win win for your organization!

When your church fundraiser has ended, you will contact
your Cloud Canyon Fundraiser Coordinator who will get
the products ordered and get the products shipped to you
and answer any questions you may have.

But keep in mind you will be keeping 30% of the RETAIL
SALES! The money comes to YOU FIRST, and then you pay
70% of the retail sales to the Cloud Canyon Fundraiser Coordinator.
There is no need to worry about getting your profit.

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Choose Cloud Canyon by calling your Cloud Canyon Fundraiser Coordinator
To Get More Information or to Get your Fundraiser Code!

Get Started by Calling:

Georgetta Monroe
702 728 7243 or Email

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