How To Use Text Ad Exchanges Video!
Watch This one First!

Instruction are from the Beginnning to the End
You Will be Glad You Did!

Text Ad Exchange
Email Marketing Tutorial Videos

After Viewing The Video Above Scroll down to Bottom of this Page
and get signed up on thes active Text Ad Exchanges. We are
offering You Free Promo Codes for Free Ads to Get your
Email Campagin off the Ground! These Training Videos
are Located on the Text Ad Exchange
Right There Traffic
Make Sure you Join it!

Make Sure to Join Each Text Ad Exchange
with a Gmail Email (A must do)

You are advised to pause the video whenever you need to so
you can actually submit the ads at the same time.
It is the best way to learn.

This video shows you how to enter promo codes so you
can gain valuable free advertising to get you started or
perhaps even a free upgrade.

How to Use Promo Codes

The following video shows you how to
complete the Downline Builder.

This is a tool that is often overlooked but can seriously
grow all of our  
businesses at one time all
while advertising ONE website.

How To Submit Solo Ads
This Video Shows You How to Go To The Site You
Want to Prmote and under thier Prmotion or
Referral Page You can find Pre-written Solo Ad.
They are using an Example Site: SFI to show you
how it is Done!

How To Submit Banner Ads from
the Site You Want to Promote
The SFI Site is Being Use as an Example
To Show You How It is Done!

How To Submit Button Ads

How to Submit Hot Links

Some Of You Can Afford Paid Advertising
Which I recmmend These Super Solos
 Or Paid Safelist Sites Below

Herculist Paid Solo Advertising
I Buy The One for $20 Best Buy Most
of the Time They Triple the Order
You can by as lows as $5.95
Leads, Leads, Leads!

Surperb Super Solos to over 165K Members

Simple Text Ads over 1 Million Members

Best Buy Special Offer Page or OTO

Tough Hits
Cheaper Super solos Here and Just Open
Buy Targeted or Blast Off Super Solos
on the Advertise Page

Joining FREEText Ad Exchanges
You will need to Have a Gmail Account that You will use to receive Mail from the
Text Exchanges You Join. Please do not Use Your Email that you receive
Impotant Information at. Just go to and Sign up for a New Gmail.
If you use any other Mail Account you will get Deleted from the Text Ad Exchange.

Make Sure to Get your Gmail Email First Before You Sign Up!!!

Click on the Text Ad Exchange you Want to Get Signed up on Scroll down to the
Bottom Until you See a Sign Up Form and Sign Up!  In order to use a Text
Ad Exchange, after you have fill in the information to register you will be
instructed  to go to the email and look for an email from the
Text Ad Exchange. Open it and click the confirmation Link inside.

Shop-Wealth Network Ad Exchanges
Feel Free to Join Each Site Individually
Join All of these Site First
Some of these Sites Have Free Promo Codes
Listed on the Home Page in Members Area!
Look for the Speical Offer Page for Super Solos Too!
Promo Code: solotraffic

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Promo Code: traffic

Live Member Count: 883
Promo Code: Music14

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Promo Code: Music14

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Promo Code: Music14

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Promo Code: wom33

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Live Member Count: 808

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Live Member Count: 517
Recieve Monthly
Ads  Every Month

Recieve Monthly
Ads  Every Month

Live Member Count: 367
Free Ads and Pays
100% Commission


Feel Free to Join As Many as  You Like
 Free Ads On 80+ Traffic Site 

Register For Free At ALL Of These Sites
Use Promo Code:     thanksdave

Thanks for Joining!

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