How to Set Up Your Advertising to Create a Solid Foundation For Your Internet Business in Record Time.
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Wouldn't it be lovely if you really, honestly, truly had an internet business that could replace, or exceed a full time income? Just about everyone dreams about that. Total freedom to work when you want, in whatever environment you want, and no worries about being laid off, or how to get along with your boss.

Many do try, but alas, only 3% of those make any money at all, and only a few of those actually achieve that pot of gold that would free them from the "salt mines."

Why do so many fail? Perhaps there are as many reasons as there are people, but the ones who make it are the ones who lay a solid foundation first, before they attempt to start their 'primary' business.

That foundation has to consist of two things, and no, one of them isn't a 'list'. You can't even start building a list, until you have these two things in the bag.

1. You need a small cash flow you can count on. It takes money to make money. You need an advertising budget, and you need a small take home paycheck to help you believe that what you are doing is significant.

2. You need a portfolio of advertising sources that are already paid for, or are free because you have a good number of referrals in the advertising venues.

This page outlines one method that works to achieve a 4 or 5 figure monthly income, and set you up with enough advertising muscle to pretty much turn on or off the flow of referrals or sales whenever you want.

Once you've achieved that, you can go on to choose a primary business with the confidence that you WILL succeed over time, since you have advertising power and budget you will need.

Take the four steps in the order indicated. Each step may take a week or two, or it may take months. No problem. You know you are working toward a complete lifestyle change, and it WILL be worth it!

Onward and Upward!

Peter Scarfo

Step One

Join Simple Safelist from the banner below. Upgrade to Gold (Only $12.97 You'll be getting tons of signups for this, and you want the 100% commission)

Then go read "The Plan". Join ALL the mailers and safelists you find in the referral builder, and fill in the referral builder, and send some ads for Simple Safelist if you want to. (Optional, as you'll be making a page like this one, and you can get your signups when you promote your page)

Step Two

Join Simple Mail Builder. It has another great list of mailers. Yes, it's a lot of work to join so many, but you'll be using them all AND each one will be another income source in your portfolio. Once again, join all the mailers listed, and add your referral link. I saw huge value in this program, and upgraded immediately. Make your own decision.

Simple Mail Builder has an ebook that contains EXCELLENT training on the use of safelists. Read it.

Step Three

Join The 10K Challenge.

By now you should be a member of most of the mailers listed in the referral builder. Fill in your referral links, and update. Join any you don't have memberships in yet.

The 10K Challenge will systematically instruct your downline to upgrade in each of the mailers listed, and YOU will recieve the commissions.

Highly recommended: start following the 10K Challenge lessons, step by step, but, once again, you won't have to promote it (unless you want to), as you'll be making a page like this one and promoting YOUR PAGE.

Step Four

This is the final step, and will turbo charge your whole system, designed to make your advertising campaign free, effective and profitable!

Join Wom Vegas, your purpose: to make a quick webpage with no trouble at all, and no knowledge of the technical aspects of designing a page. You can take the free version, and have two graphics, or you can buy a paid version and have lots. Your choice. Just make a page with the same steps as this page, but of course, add your own referral links for the 4 programs.

THEN (Don't forget this step, or nothing will happen!) Promote the page you have made with all the advertising power you can muster. Remember, if you want massive results, you HAVE to take massive action.

If you need any advice, or have any questions, you are welcome to contact me.

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