How To Get Your Worldwide City Set Up
There is only a 1 step to Do

Add Your Sponsor Ads to your City(s)

 Sponsor ads are Box Text Ads you own.  They
are shown in 5 Spots at the Top of Your city(s)
All 40 banners are yours.

You can put in any type of  banners you want except
banners that are offensive, vulgar, or pornographic!

Please Do Not leave your sponsor ads space empty!

You Want Your Sponsor ad section to look attractive to Buyers.

You need not worry about the customer or
selling the 40 sponsor ads spot because when a customer clicks
the Blue Banner that is located in one of the 5 Spots
on your City and says: 
Sponsor this city
 2 Banners are placed in your city for the customers
to add in their sponsored Banners.

How Did Your City Become a World Wide City
It is the Default Script at City PennySaver.
All Cities have the Ads Below the Sponsor Ads
These ads are ads that other members have
placed as worldwide to be seen on all City Pennysaver
Sold and Not Sold yet except the local ones.

So there is only 1 Step to Do Put In Your Sponsor Ad

Go to Tab: Manage Ads
Next Click

You Will See 40 Box Text Ads for 1,000,000 Views
You will See the Name of your City
If you have more than One City Scroll down to see all of your cities
Each City Will Have 40 Box Text Ads and you will need to enter Box Text Ads for Each City.

Your sponsored ad for Afton, Iowa USA


Views Owed


Buy More Views

Your sponsored ad for Afton, Iowa USA





Buy More Views


Click Edit and put in your Sponsord Box Text Ad
Your Sponsored Box Text Ad are seen only on your city!

You cannot delete a sponsor ad but You can
Change it to something else by
clicking Edit and entering in a new Box Text Ad.

If you want to Buy More Views for Your
Ad Just Click on Buy More Views

You Are Done!!

You Area ready to promote Your City(s)
Go to tab: My Account  Next Click #10
to Get your Referral City  Links

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