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As a business, why choose wom Mobile Coupons?

~ We have a community that will promote your coupon with "word of mouth". They will tell friends, they will tweet about it, they will place links to it, and more. They love to promote your coupons because we have a lot of fun contests and games they like to win.

~We will report to you exactly how many people have looked at your coupon, how many clicks have come from Twitter to your coupon, how many visits from womMobiledeals.com, how may clicks from shared emails. You can look on your coupon and see how many people have liked your coupon on Facebook. We will email you reports of who has taken your coupons.

~We will provide a coupon that can either be printed, or they can simply write down the number of the coupon, or they can show it to you on their smart phone. We make it easy for your customer to bring the coupon to you.

~We will promote your website with a link on your coupon. Everyone that views your coupon can click to see your website. You may notice a lot of new traffic to your website from your coupon.

~You can upload a picture to your coupon. It will be resized automatically to fit the coupon. People like to see pictures and it will help them decide to come to your store.

~We will let you place up to 100 PREMIUM classified advertisements on womClassifieds.com to advertise your business and your coupon. Amazingly, the average PREMIUM classified on womClassifieds.com has over 3,786 Views, is shared by 26 people, has 209 clicks from shared links and 136 clicks from Twitter.

~We will also give you the control panel for wom Mobile Deals that will let you send out deals to your customer's mobile devices. You can use this even after you coupon has finished to stimulate business anytime you want.

~For EVERY person who takes a coupon, if they are a first time visitor to wom Mobile Deals, we will give you $2 worth of credits,if they are using a gmail address, or 25 cents if other, on wom Mobile deals to send out deals to mobile devices of your customers.

~EVERY person that takes a coupon is AUTOMATICALLY added to your personal wom mobile deals list. You will be able to easily follow up with each of these people even AFTER the coupon has expired. This will help to create loyalty and repeat business from your customers.

~In order to make it easier to track coupons, we give every coupon a control number so that you can make sure you know exactly how many coupons you must redeem. There is a unique number on every coupon, and once it is redeemed you never have to accept it again. (Unless you want to).

~All of this is only $99!

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