How To Use Top Text and Choice Ads

The Very First thing you need to do is Transfer
Points over to your Escrow Account to Use Top Text Ad

Go To Account then Scroll down to #21 My Escrow
Account or Click Here

Next Look for this: Type in the amount of points
you want to transfer to your escrow account.

Do not worry about Since your points
expire after 45 days if you have not spent them

That is Not in infect Yet and May NOT BE

Just Add your Points to Transfer and
Click Update

Once that is done you are ready to go to Top Text Ads
Logged into Top Text Ads Click Here with your
 womvegas Email and Password,

Next you will see this

Are you here to
place Free text Ads?


You will be brought to the Control Panel where you will
Click Add Your Advertisement

Next you will: 
Select a category for your Top Text Ad advertisement.

Next you will:
Select a subcategory for your Top Text Ad advertisement.

Next You will Either Choose Choice 1 or Choice 2

Follow what it says to do. You
will enter a URL, Headline  and Description for your ad

If you chose #1 you will enter url for image or
choose one from your computer

At the bottom of the same page you are on you
will Enter how many points you
want to bid for this advertisement.

Then choose Upload

On the Next Page Click to activate,
pause or edit your Top Text Ad advertisements.

You will see that the ad has been activated.

That all to it!

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