Google Hangout of
Georgetta Monroe Just Being (aka Geo)

How To Start a Google Hangout

Go to your Google Profile

Over to the top right of your screen
Right by the g+ you will see an icon
of a person and a drop down arrow

Click the Drop down arrow to get the menu

Next click Google Hangout on Air

Next look over to your right you will see: 
Start a Hangout On Air (written in Blue)
Click There

If you have never done a Hangout you will have to
verified who you are by Text Message or Email confirmation

Next Set up your Hangout

Put in the name of your Hangout

Add the names or emails of people you want to attend your hangout

Next Click Hangout on Air

Once you are on, and if you are ready
to start speaking just click Broadcast
and you will get a message..
Just close and wait until you see the countdown
and will end in 0 (Zero) that is
when you know it time to start talking.

When you are done, just click End Broadcast!

Go to your Youtube channel in about
an hour to get your Video and link.  
You can edit your title through Video Manager

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