This Womsite is About:
1. Free Text Ad Auction and the Coffee Shop
2. How To Post Properly in the Coffee Shop
3. Where To Post Your Ads in our Free Chat Rooms

1. Did you know about our Free Text Auction Ads?
These ads show up to
 the Left and Right side of the Coffee Shop. Free Text Ad
Auction is located here:  Click Here

But you Cannot Write a Post about a Business,
what you sell or what you do online
and post it in the Coffee Shop.

All Posts you see with links in the
Coffee Shop are Instructions on

how to succeed at womvegas or telling
you where things are at womvegas.

You must have points to use the Free Text Ad Auction and you must
create your image Text Ad first before bidding.
Or You can create a Text Ad as well.

Get Points by visiting Topaz members profiles..
That's right just click on the guest book to your right
and you will receive points.  Click Here

Get Points by Visiting the Convention Rooms. The guest book
is located in each convention Chat Room to the
right of your screen. Click the guest book to get points..
Before you leave, visit the chat room and post
a message to the owner that you came by.  Click Here

Get Points by Tweeting the City Business Listing. Choose a
City. Next Click on Business Listings to Tweet.
Click Here

Get Points by Tweeting the Popular Click here or
Featured Business Page  Click Here

2. Proper Way to Post Information You
Want to Share in the Coffee Shop

Go to Your Profile Blog Page or any Advertising
Chat Room and post the information you want to share.
Profile is located up top right: Click on the word: Profile

Next, after you have posted the information on your profile blog
or advertising chat room, Click the URL underneath
the post and copy it.  
Next, come to the coffee shop and post something like
this: I have something to share with you ......
and then post the URL from the  Profile Blog or Advertising Chat Room.
Your post in the Coffee Shop will direct people to what
you want them to see and will not violate any rules in the Coffee Shop.

You cannot post any links that is NOT pertaining to womvegas
in the Coffee Shop, your links will not show
properly and will lead back to the womvegas homepage.

Coffee Shop Chat Rules  Click Here  
No advertising or promoting - no mentioning the names of websites
or companies that primarily recruit affiliates for marketing programs.
No naming names of companies
you belong to and are recruiting affiliates.   

3. Where to Post Ads in Our Free Chat Rooms
If you want to advertise other businesses at
womvegas please use
this guide to advertise your biz in
our Free Chat Rooms  Click Here

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