My WomVegas experience!

My name is Lori Sivage and I have been a member of WomVegas since 2010 and I absolutely love it.

I was a Charter Member and have been with WomVegas since May 9th and the site was built by Timothy Drobnick Sr. and was launched June 18th or 19th 2010. I currently have many downline members. I am an upgraded member, my level is Opal. You get paid on many levels and it does not matter how many people you have on your downline. As a free member you may also earn money on any upgraded members in your downline this is completely new. I have a lot of fun meeting other members and I have created wonderful friendships. This is one place you want to get into.

You play games win points to advertise, play Bingo, visit chat rooms and convention rooms and interact with others. This is not a gambling site, just a fun place to promote your business. Sit back and watch your business grow. With the experiences I am having you too can enjoy them as well. You may join for free at: But in order for you to play these games you must first sign up. If you would like to play Bingo click here: click here If you would like to play Pick A Door click here: click here

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