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Hello, thanks for joining. I am Georgetta Monroe!
(aka: Geo -   Id on womvegas: dreamspay
) Georgetta Monroe

What You Need to do to Earn from the womvegas Free Downline:
You Can  Earn 5cents, 10cents, 15cents, 25cents down 70 Levels From Free Downline at womvegas!

As Soon as you join and become a Free Sales Agent, Click Here and verify your account Click Here womvegas will start building a Free Downline for you!

There are Five Products you can earn from when others in your Free Downline buy within your 70 Levels. But Before You can earn from it you will need to buy One or Two  Advertising Product at $7.00 or all 5 Products to earn from your Free downline:

1.Wom Banners  2.Wom Mobile  3.wom Surfer  4.wom Classified (Buy Option #1 General)  5.Memory Match Ads

Example: If you only buy womBanners Views at $7 then you can only earn 25cents down 70 Levels

Example: If you bought all 5 Products at $7 you can earn from all 5 Product: 5cents, 10cents, 15cents, 25cents down 70 Levels in your Free downline

Example: If you want to earn down 71 to 7000 Levels then you must refer Members who will NOT WANT TO BE A Sales Agent to buy the Products! Go Read Here to Find out How to Get Referrals to join you Click Here

Do you know you earn extra Free Downlines by referring Customers. I have 18 Free Downlines. Imagine all the 5cents, 10cents, 15cents, 25cents I get. So Start to Refer as soon as you can!

All of this information is located on  your Profile Page at womvegas under tab: MyCQ - which means commission qualifying information! 

Where to Buy your womvegas Products:  Go To Accounts up Top Right! or click here
Remember you Must Buy $7 worth of each or whatever you choose to earn from. Next Under the Heading: Other Important Areas:   Scroll down to:

#5b Buy Memory Match 

#6. Buy wom Banner Views

#7. Buy wom Classified Advertising  - Make sure to choose Option #1 General Classifeds to qualify down 70 Level. If you choose Targeted that WILL NOT QUALIFY YOU.

#8. Buy wom Mobile Deals advertising  

#9. Buy wom Surfer Advertising 

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Make it a Great Day, Georgetta Monroe, Super Topaz Plus Customer, Purple Diamond, Master City Promoter

Bonus for you:  
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