How to Build Business with Social Media

Hi ya'll. Tim Drobnick, who is the founder/creator of Womvegas, WomTown, WomClassifieds, WomTrader welcomes you - and SO do I.

To tell you a bit about my background, I have been online 4.5 years & own a number of Wordpress websites.

The one site I built which applies well to Womvegas and WomTown is

To see it & get an idea about me, visit my site on social media and local mktg

I have other sites on Self Improvement & Health - but the reason I mention is for the social media information there. Specifically, on Twitter, Pinterest and using classified ads sites.

These days, it's so critical to understand how to use social sites (like Womvegas or Facebook, Twitter) in your online marketing.

Tim has a wealth of wonderful information and tutorials for you. Yet to see some of the best training, you need to be an upgraded member.

It's something to consider - for $10 a month, you can represent a city - by being a City Promoter or "zip code promoter".

Then you can get access to the Super Secret Training Room. You can do telemarketing from home and be a city promoter - or you may prefer to visit Local Businesses in person.

However you want to do it.

Also, you can hire your own staff to help you. This is a flexible business - I am a City Promoter, & appreciate that I can hire some of the established salespeople here at W.O.M. to represent me, by making phone calls on behalf of my town.

I am Jan Ashby, and prior to coming to Wom I worked in the health industry and ran websites of my own.

I have earned money from Clickbank and Amazon, and have a number of "how to videos" that have achieved a good rank at Youtube.

I've learned a lot online - and am still learning. The folks here at Womvegas are friendly, and you can visit the Coffee SHop if you have questions.

Because our members live all over the world, there is oftentimes someone available to chat in the Coffee shop. Just look for "Coffee Shop Fun" Link on right-hand side @


This is about HELPING Local Business People Find VALUE when paying for advertising and marketing their small businesses online.

If you choose to become a City Promoter, you gain access to a CRM (Contact Resource Management System) at NO extra charge.

Our Training is exceptional, and our Belief is that Business Owners should be treated with respect. Even the "Gatekeeper" should be treated well. In our online tutorials, you will see exactly HOW to approach these biz owners.

To Learn more on the City Promoter position, visit this page

Dare To Receive 25% Of All Revenue From City Classifieds by being a city promoter. Good Luck!
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Twitter Marketing Can Fuel Yr Success at W.O.M. Classified Marketing is a big part of W.O.M.

Hi.. I'm Jan and am into Local Mktg

Pinterest Marketing is a recent craze

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