Hello everyone, I am Georgetta Monroe,
I am a member of womvegas.

Womvegas is a free social site that offers
Free and Paid Advertising.

I have been using womvegas for over 3 years
now and have been getting

great results advertising my own
personal businesses. I am here to
tell you
about all the Free and Paid
Places on womvegas to advertise.
so with that
said I will get started.

as of today have been 19 Million views of our womclassified Site and
  - over 89 Thousand Classifieds Placed

Get 3 FREE wom Classified Ads just for joining FREE?
Paid Advertising as well

When you first log into your wom Classified
advertising account you automatically
start with 3 free wom

Classified advertisements. Here is a simple explanation
of free and Paid Premium wom Classifieds:

Free wom Classifieds:
1. Will last 30 days or until you delete it.  
2. Will appear on the 4th row at the time of placement
on our womClassified HomPage.
Our Classifed Ads are 

Tweeted to Twitter, and to other social media sites,
Sent out in Solo Ads around the Internet
24 hours a Day! All of this is done by our members.

Premium wom Classifieds:
1. Will last ONE FULL YEAR or until you delete it.  
2. Will appear on the 1st row at the time of placement.
3. Will never appear below the 3rd row.
4. Will give our members double credits
as more incentive for them to
Tweeted to Twitter, and to other social media sites,
Sent out in Solo Ads around the Internet
24 hours a Day! All of this is done by our members.

After you join please go to Accounts,
then look under the Heading:
Main Control Panels
Next you will click  My wom Classifieds
After you come to the Home Page of My wom
classified click Add Your Advertisment to get Started.


Get 100 FREE banner views just for joining FREE?
Paid Advertising as well

When you activate your banner advertising account
 you automatically start with 100
free unique views of your advertisement.

A unique view means we only count 1 view per person.
 If the same person, for example, were to look at
 your advertisement 10 times, we only count that as
1 view. 100 unique views means 100 different
people viewed your advertisement.

We have over 2, 272 webmaster that host
our banner code on thier website
So you see, that is a great deal right there. Your
Banners seen all over the Internet.
After you join please go to Accounts, then l
ook under the Heading:
Main Control Panels
Next you will click  My wom Banners
After you come to the Home Page of My womBanners
click Add Your Advertisment to get Started.

Mobile Deals
Paid Advertising only
Send your advertisements to our General List to mobile and other devices.
Pay only 4 CENTS per message clicked on.
Minimum purchase of only $1.00.
No monthly fees. No set-up fees. You will never be charged for
any messages after your deadline expires.
Our General List is Growing Everyday
To Create your Ad  for womMobile Deal Go to Account
Under the Main Control Panel Click My wom Mobile Deals
Next Scroll down to
Send Your Deals to Mobile Devices
#1. Create Advertisement Watch a ?
#2. Send Advertisement to Mobile Devices  ?

#3. Edit or Delete Advertisements  ?

While you are on the Homepage of
womMobile Deals
You will see Highlight Question
Mark Those are very Short
Movies to show you exactly how to create,
Send or Edit or delte your Promotion
WomMoible Deals are failry new at womvegas
and we are still growing our list
RIght now there are over 363 Members
that you can send to.
The owner of womvegas keeps the
list clean and you will only be sending to active
members of womMoible deals.

3 Free WOMSITES or websites
Paid Advertising as well
Upon sign up with womVegas you get 3 womsite
with Free Hosting After you join please go to Accounts,
then look under the Heading:
Main Control Panels
Next you will click  My wom Sties
After you come to the Home Page of My womsites
click Add a New WomSite and Follow the
Prompts, You can use these womsies
for your Main Business or any business you choose.
 After you have created your womsite
it will be listed on your Profile Page at womvegas for all to visit.
You can also promote your womsite anywhere you choose.

Upgrade Your womsite and get more exposure
Your Womsite will go on our Highly explosed Page where everyone
and visitors can see it. This page is located up top to your left
and is called:
WOM Site Directory
So Far, womvegas has given away
We have given away over 11 Thousand
 free Wom Sites since 5/20/2011
Did you know that we have
over 10K visitors a day
to our homepage.

wom Surfer Promoter Ads
Surfer Ads
There have been 3,405,996 views of the member
website surfing pages in our WomSurfer Exchange.
Just Add Your Website  for $1.00 or More
All wom Surfers have links for sharing your website
To Twitter and other Social Media Sites.
We even provide cash prizes for a contest that encourages
our members to place links to your website all over the internet.
So once again your website will be seen on social media sites
Just go to Accounts Then Main Control Panel
Click on My womSurfer Promoter Next Click on Add Your Website

Memory Match Game
Sponsor Memory Match Games with your Banner
 advertisement for as little  as 5 cents each. There is a low minimum
purchase of only $1.00.
Lots of our womvegas Members Play this Game

Go to Accounts located up Top Right of your screen
Next click on Panel Control Panel
Next Cick on My Memory Match Game
Sponsorship Advertising
Add Your Banner and choose how
many time you want it shown
This is just another way of getting our
members to look at your business
People love to play games!

Chat and Convention Chat Rooms
Plus Auto Posting

Auto Posting of Your Messages - Paid Advertsing
Create Posts That Automatically Post While You Are Away

This area will let you create posts for chat rooms
and house chat rooms that will be auto posted at
the frequency and time range you specify. You may create
as many autoposts as you wish and they will
continue to run until you
either change them, delete them, or until they
reach a predetermined date.

This is a big time saver for busy business owners,
and will automatically promote
your business without using up your precious
time needed to run your business.

Each post is also added into the "Free for All"
chat room and on the WomVegas.com home page
at no extra charge. 
Go to Accounts then Scroll down and under
Other Imporant Areas
Look for  #4. Auto Postings
Next you would click on:  
Add New Auto Posting and Follow Prompts

Premium Chat Room Advertising and Convention Chat Room
Advertising (Over 100 Chat Rooms and over 75 Convention Rooms)
All are created by upgraded members, and you will need to
request permission to join in order to post messages Free. 

I have a list of Free Chat and Convention
Rooms and City Promotion Page
on a website you can use to get started. I will make
sure that Link available for you when you join womvegas.
All you need to do is write a short add and
add the entire link starting with the
http:...  once you are done writing it, copy
the ad plus the link and post
it in posting box at the top of the chat room
and then click post new message.
Your website link will turn into a Click in the chat Rooms.

Free 4 All Chat Room Advertising (3,528,827 views to date)
Post Your Business there for Free once Every Hour

Post for 250 Points Chat Room (9 Hundred Thousand views to date)
Post every 15 minutes, earn

Business Opportunities Chat Room
(Has over 2
Hundred Thousand views to date)

Best Business Opportunity  (8 Hundred Thousand views to date)
You may post about what you believe to be the
best opportunity there is, as often as you like.

To reach our Advertising Chat Rooms Look
over to your Right and in Red writing you will
see: Meet Up Chat, Next you will come to a
caterory page, scroll down and click on the
word: Advertising. This will bring you
to all the advertising Chat Rooms

To Get to Our Convention Room Look
over to the Right of your screen
and Click on Convention Rooms. Most
of the convention Room will allow ads
but make sure to read the rules so you will know.
But I have a list of for you.

Promote yourself or business to people in The City of Your Choice
You May Promote in Over 100 Ciies at womTown
Make Sure to Click on the Promotion Tab To Promote
Internet Affliate Programs
We only Accept Local Businsses in the Business Listing Section
Look over over to the left of your screen up top, you will see womTown
Once on the womtown page, look over to your left
and you will see this paragraph
Below are the top 100 most popular city rooms
today based on total traffic:
All you need to do is click on the name of the city.
Once on the city page You will click the Tab:
Promotions and that is where you will place
your ad. Please do not create a biz
listing for Internet Affilate Programs
They are not allowed in that section ok.
I want to mention that the search
engines comes thur womvegas
every hour. So you will want to
post at womvegas. I love it there.

womsite Directory, Convention Rooms, Meet Up
Chat Rooms, womMobile Deals, Banner Ad
Memory Match Game, Classified Ads Links are
all on our Home Page for all visitors
to see. That alone is great news and will
get you great results at Womvegas

To Get Signed up at womvegas
Go to
27money. com  
Promo Code:  

That the end of
my presention thanks so much
coming and listenting. I will now
turn it back to you donnie!


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