How To Set Up Your Free URL Rotator

1. If You are NOT logged in to womvegas your must bring up your URL
Rotaotr Site - Log into Your Site using your email and
Password you signed up with
(The Same as womvegas) or

Click here 
If you are already logged into womvegas 
to get to Your Free URL Rotator sites on womvegas:  
Your URL Rotator is located on your profifle Page in the Table right Below
Your Name!

2. Next Click Go To Your Account

3. Click on Your Wom URL Rotators

4.  Click on #2. Create a New Wom URL Rotator

5.  Create a new Wom URL Rotator. Just enter the name you
     wish to call it in the Box on the page like this Example

6.  Click the Word: Submit

7.   Next You Will See this: You have created a new Wom URL Rotator.
       Click here to add URLs to this Rotator.

8.   So please click where it tells you to Add your URLs to Your
       Rotator you 
 just created. This is where you will add websites
       you want to promote. Could be 2 to 20 different sites. Follow
       #9 thru #12 to all your websites.

9.    Next You will see this:

Rotator Name Rotator ID
Your Mini Site Name
will be here
21 Click here to add URLs to Rotator What you Named Your Mini Site Here
10.  Just Click on: Click her to add URLs to Rotator in the Table

Enter the URL you want to add to this Wom URL Rotator.  Frame breakers are not allowed!
Daily Maximum Views

12.  Click the word Submit after you enter Each
       URL You Want in your Rotator

13.   After you are done entering all your urls in your
         Rotator click Back on these Word near the Center
         of the page
Your Wom URL Rotators

 14.  Next click on:  4. Get Your Wom URL Rotator Links to Advertise.

Rotator Name Rotator ID
The Name of you Rotator Here 21 Click here to get advertising links for Your site Name Here

15.  Click on: Click here to  get advertising links for your XXXXX

16.   Next You will see this:
These are links and signup forms to use for advertising: The name of your site

Advertise this URL for your Rotator: Name of your site
Use this URL to show statistics for your Rotator: Name of your site

17. Get your Advertise Link (the first one in the box)
       and get to Promoting all your sites as one!  YAY you are done

Want to REMOVE all The ADS on Top of  Your Free
 ROTATOR You WIl Need To Upgrade
Your Rotator  Click Here

18. Just Click on the Links to see what they do.  
      If you follow what I have written here you cannot go wrong.

19.  Be Successful...

20.  Great Quote please read it

Most people give up just when they are
about to achieve success.

They quit on the one yard line. They give
up at the last minute of the game,

one foot from a winning touchdown.

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