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These Instructions Only Applies if you
Did Not Finish Adding All the Names From Tim's Automated
Tweets to Your Lists at Twitter

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How To Enter Your List Manually
Yourself at Twitter

All You Have TO DO IS THIS and
Please Follow Carefully:

Open Your Twitter Account where your List Is!
Click on the Icon Drop Down Box Next to the Search Box and Choose List
You Will See the Name of  Your List on the Next Page
Click on the Name of Your List
This Will Open your List So you can see the Members Tweets Coming Through
Look over to your Left and you will see the Number of Members You have on the List
Click On the word: Members  (underneath the Number)
and You will see all the Members names and Twitter Ids.

You want to copy on a note pad or where ever you
are going to save,  the members Ids  and it will look like this:
(Of course,  you have more names than this, This is just an example)
Arpad Kovacs  @cma21
Bernd Stange  @begu1982
Carrie Young  @cypower
carol lefrancois  @corazon
Deana Hudson  @Deana
DenverBizList  @Denver

After You Have Done That Save this List Because You Will Use it next
Time just in case you have not completed adding all the
names from the Automated Tweet List.
(Also you can add more names to your Manual List too)

Next on the Same Note Pad You can Just Copy about 7 IDs  from your list
compose a Tweet that will Look Like This:

womvegas womtown Wed @cma21 @begu1982  @cypower @corazon @Deana  @DenverBiz @geobiz  #WW

Copy This Tweet from your Note Pad
Click HOME at the Top Left at Twitter
and Paste the Tweet into:  Compose New Tweet Box and click Tweet

(Make Sure You Are in the Twitter Account you copied the List From)

Compose another Tweet and Send it out until you have finished All the Names on Your List!

We highly recommend that you send 3 of these tweets, then do Tim's Tweet
Factory when wait ten minutes and do the next three. Do not send the same
 tweet more than one time. You may choose to send them
all or only what you feel comfortable doing.

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