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Redlands rugby from Brisbane, Australia was founded in the early 1980's. where the Redlands Crabs over 35's golden oldies were born. Rugby is played by children as soon as they learn to walk, starting at the tender age of 5 years of age. Most children follow in their Fathers, Mothers footsteps. The fun, friendship, enjoyment, parental support is what these youngsters, boys & girls get on game days. When the little athletes turn 20 years of age, they become fully paid professional athletic rugby players. The adrenalin, Physicality, commitment, comradie. Family, friends & the hard core supporters and a big pay winning a grand final, along with weekly and monthly bonuses completes this package until retirement but NO! rugby does not end there. There are the golden oldies over 35's which are past amateur, past professional & non rugby players. People! who come from all walks of life to play gods game. There are Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Plumbers, Builders, Labourers, Operators to name a few. which is played at a very high skill level through years of experience. played with precision, played with pride and is very enjoyable. Our game is played world wide you can make new friends, meet your old friends. Play in world rugby festivals. travel the world play in world tournaments, a variety of options. or play on a weekly basis. There are no restrictions for which team you play in on the day. if a team is short of players you are welcome to fill the empty position. but most of all, have fun. These games are played at a relaxed competitive nature for everyone to enjoy from 35 year old to over ???? (whatever) So brush the cob webs off the boots and get playing They say" rugby is played in heaven" this is the step before then. Redland Crabs have participated in all Golden oldie Tounaments dating back to 1987. The game has not changed much but the players do.
The Countries past Tournaments have been held
1987 - Auckland New Zealand
1989 - Toronto Canada
1991 - Perth Australia
1993 - Dublin Ireland
1995 - Christchurch New Zealand
1997 - Vancouver Canada
1999 - Adelaide Australia
2001 - Toulouse France
2003 - Brisbane Australia
2006 - Wellington NZ
2008 - Santiago
2010 - Scotland
2012 - Japan

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