Ideas for promoting your city

Be a City Promoter for Your City

Congratulations on becoming a 

City Promoter!

We want to help you succeed, so here are some

ideas for getting views to your City.

  • Populate your business listings

  1. Add at least 5 to 10 listings a day. The more listings in your Directory, the greater the chance other businesses will want to be listed.
  2. In the business listing where it says Give a Short Description for Twitter, be sure and include the Business Name as well as Where and What type of business it is in the 100 characters you are allowed.
  3. In the bottom area where it says Give a Long Description of  the Business, include a general statement encouraging the business owner to take control.
  4. Verify your business listing.  This validates the listing as legitimate plus you get a credit for giving away a Featured Business of the Day.
  5. Here is an example of a business listing and how it should look when you are finished.  It doesn't show the Longer Description box at the bottom correctly, but the info is still there.  Example of adding a business listing.
  • Set up multiple Twitter Accounts

  1. Name your Twitter Accounts something pertaining to your city.
  2. Be careful not to Tweet too many listings to one Twitter account per day.  Twitter can shut your account down. 
  3. Include some Tweets without links. 
  4. Retweet and interact with your Followers.
  5. Search for people on Twitter to Follow using your City/State.  They will see your Tweets and Follow you back.
  6. Search for one of your businesses on Twitter and Follow them.  Send them a direct message to let them know you are advertising for them.  Ask them to Follow you in return.
  • Set up a Facebook Fan Page for your City

  1. Go to Create a Page and name the Fan Page something pertaining to your city.
  2. Share around 10 business listings to Facebook.  Don't overwhelm it with too many listings.  Instead, include some posts about your city, links from newspaper articles, and local events.  
  3. Search for one of your businesses on Facebook and Like their page.  Then, post your business listing on their page and/or you can post to let them know you are advertising for them.  Ask them to Like your page in return.
  • Choose some of your listing to be classified ads

  1. Log into womClassifieds.  Go to your control panel. Add your advertisement.
  2. Find a business that has a logo that works for about a 125 x 125.  This makes the classified more eye catching.
  3. When it asks for the link, include the link from the "Tweet This" and you will get more points. 
  4. You can also enter some generic ads that offer possibilities of what a classified ad can look like with a link to your promo code.
  • Give away a Featured Business of the Day

  1. Choose a business once a week or however often you want to be a Featured Business of the Day using your free credits from verifying your listings.
  2. Go to account and click on My City :Promoter at the top control panel.  Then click FBD Drawing (Prizes) and it will randomly pick a listing for you.
  3. Call the chosen business and let them know they have been chosen as a Free Featured Business of the Day.  Encourage them to take control of the listing.  Because they were chosen to be Featured, they can add up to 12 pictures to their listing. 
  4. Announce the winner in the Coffee Shop and the womVegas Members will go tweet the Featured Business. 
  • Be active in your City's Chat Room

  1. Add in posts about your City and Tweet and Share them.  
  2. Encourage members or business owners to come into your chat room to ask questions or just to chat.
  • Encourage your Downline to Tweet for your City to earn points

  1. They can use the points to advertise on the Free Classified Ad Sites, Top Text Ads and Choice Text Ads.
  2. They can use the points to purchase property on the womVegas Strip. 
  3. They can use the points to advertise using Auction Advertising.

Here is another great resource for City Promoters written by Georgetta Monroe.  City Promoter Guide

Thanks for all of your hard work as a City Promoter!  Let me know if you have questions.  Lori Smith


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