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First, Welcome To womTown!
We are glad you're here!

Second and this is a must do! You must read
Your Rich Uncle to find out about all your
benefits or if you are even just
thinking about getting a city:  Click Here

After Your City has Been Set Up by Tim!
1. Go To Accounts to put in your phone number so that the
contact information will be yours on the home
page of your City. After you get to
accounts, click on
City Promoter,  Next Click,  
Sell Coupons for City, Next
Choose Your City, Scroll down

to put in Your Phone Number in the First Box.
There is a Box to put your email if you choose to. 
Just View Before you Type!

2. Put in Business Listings from Your Town or City.
You will need business listings in your City
to bring traffic to your City. After you have
put in about 50 Ads, you will tweet them
to twitter. It's very important to Tweet Your Listings.
If you are going to ask a Business to upgrade to
a Premium Listing, then you will need Traffic to show them.
This is why I tweet the business listing in my Cities.

3. Make Sure to Populate your City Classifieds as soon
as possible by
going to womClassified.com or
Click Here  Log in with your womVegas ID.
Next, Click add your advertisement and choose your cities.
See Below
City Classified Ads - A Huge Seller
For More Details on how to do this!

**4.  How to Add Pictures to the HomePage of Your City

Go to accounts, then City Promoter. Next, choose
Upload Picture and scroll down to select Your City.
Then click on the drop down box that says
Select Picture Position, click on Front
Page Top Pic for your first pic #1 and Front
Page Bottom Picture for your 2nd pic upload.

BIG TIP: Your home page of Your City has a cache on
it so you will not see the pics for at
least 1 hour.

Tip: If You have already put city pics in and want
to Change them, then you must delete the current
pictures first. Do that by going to your city, click
on Pictures and Delete. Next, go to Account,
City Promoter, and Follow Step 4** up Top!

5. As City Promoter you will receive 25% of all Classified
Advertising revenue for that town no matter who buys it
or sells it, even while you SLEEP. You do NOT HAVE
Just do some posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,
Instagram, Google Plus, and others daily to keep
your links out there on the internet
(or have your helpers do it).

City Classified Ads - A Huge Seller
As Soon as You get your City Biz Listings in your City,
Copy and Paste about 10 or more over to your City Classified Section
Instructions on How to Do That
1.  Go to Your City, Choose an Ad, Next Click See More About Me
2. Open another Window, type in womclassifieds.com
3. Sign in and you will be taken to the Control Panel
4. Next, Click on Add Advertisement
5. Go Back to your See More About Me Page
and Copy the Name of the Business. Put it
in the Header Section  in the Classifieds
6. Go Back and get the Description and put it
in the Description Box in the Classifieds
7. Next, Go Back to the See More About Me Page
 and Click on TWEET THIS 
Copy the Link From the Box you See
Starting with the http:..... to the end
and then Paste that entire link into the box on the
Classified Page where it says:
Enter the URL you want your advertisement to link to:
From there, follow the Prompts.

Big Classified Tip: The Classified Home Page has a 5 Minute
Cache on it. So, sometimes you may not see the Ad Right Away

BUT:  If you want to see your Ad Right Away Go to Home. Next, Click
on Directory, and then Click on All Ads (Most Recent)

Colors Borders and Heading
You will Need to Purchase Color Border and
Heading First By Clicking the Buy Buttons

You Can Add Borders and Heading to an New Ad or
an Ad in your Back Office. To Ressubmit an Ad you already
have put in, Just click:

Manage Your Banner Advertisements (With Pictures)
Manage Your Banner Advertisements (With Text Only)

Underneath each ad you will find the Resubmit Link
Click there and follow the prompts to Add Color to Your Ad.
If the Ad you want to add color to is not in your back office:
You can always add the Ad as New and then go
back and Resubmit it to get color.

WomTrader Pages
All City Promoters have Upgraded Trader Pages

To Get Your Trader Page all you have to do is submit
a Classified Ad
to Your City. Submit as as many
as you want.
Next, go to to Control Panel and click on
Manage WomTrader Page.
There you will
see your referral link, Where to Edit Your Message

and all the Ads on your womTrader Page.
All ads on that page are yours and no one elses.
This is a Great Page to Promote for Referrals and
To Bring Traffc to your City.

Commission Information
for womTown
If you are a womVegas Sales Agent,
(which is free to become), you will
also be paid $5 per month for each
womTown City Promoter you refer to
womVegas on your first level.

If you are a womVegas Sales Agent AND
a Promo Kit Customer you will be paid
$5 to $50 per month for each womTown
City Promoter you refer to womVegas on
your first level, and you will also be
paid $5 to $20 per month from levels
two through five of womTown City
Promoters in your permanent downline.

If you are a womVegas Sales Agent AND
Promo Kit Customer you will also be
paid 20% of ALL CITY CLASSIFIEDS of the
city from each womTown City Promoter
you refer to womVegas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If someone becomes a
womTown City Promoter for the first
time while you are NOT TOPAZ, TOPAZ +,
or TOPAZ SUPER + Promo Kit Customer you
of any cities for that womTown City
Promoter anytime in the future. It is,
therefore, VERY IMPORTANT that you are
Kit Customer before any of your FIRST
LEVEL recruits become a womTown City
Promoter for the first time.

I hope this helps!

I am Steve Smith, Master City Promoter
for more that 50 cities, including Denver, San Francisco, Atlanta, Phoenix
Fresno, Kansas City, San Diego and many more! I am earning and you can too.

City Promoter

If You Are Reading this Information
and You Are Not A Member of womVegas and Want to
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