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   Wom Vegas Texas Holdem Poker Answers to Frequent Questions
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Directory of Poker Games  |  Start Your Own Game

1. It is free to start your own Wom Vegas Texas Holdem Poker game.

2. You may start as many games as you like.

3. You will be given a link to invite friends to play in your game.

4. Your game is indexable by all major search engines and can bring traffic to your Wom Vegas profile.

5. It costs nothing to join, play, or watch the games.

6. This is not gambling since you risk nothing.

7. You are given chips to play with for free when you join a game. The more people that join a game, the more chips each player receives.

8. Being the champion of a poker table means you are the last person that can make bets.

9. If you are the champion you can choose to cash in your chips for points that you may spend on Wom Vegas, or you can save them so that you can join high stakes poker games.

10. You may start a high stake poker game if you have won chips and saved them from the entry games.

11. You may invite other Wom Vegas members to your high stakes poker games if they have saved their chips from entry games.

12. If you are the champion of a high stakes poker game you can hoose to cash in your chips for points that you may spend on Wom Vegas, or you can save them so that you can join even higher stakes poker games.

13. You are not allowed to use this game or any games on Wom Vegas for gambling of any kinds.

14. As the owner of this poker game you decide when you want to stop allowing new players to join.

15. Every game has it's own chat room so you can chat with the other players or spectators of your game.

16. If someone is not playing the owner of the table can remove them by clicking the "Remove Player" link above their picture in the "Player to Act" area.

17. "Call" means to match the last bet.

18. "Fold" means to quit that hand.

19. "Raise" means to match the last bet but then increase the size of the bet.

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