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From: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)
To: Joni Hall (JoniH00)

Message: Dry Your Tears Joni - Yes You Are Loved! Get Use To It! WHOOO!    06/19/2010 17:22 EST remove

From: phil riddle (rebadog)
To: Joni Hall (JoniH00)

Message: for your help thanks    06/19/2010 17:12 EST remove

From: phil riddle (rebadog)
To: KC Cooley (KCsline)

Message: THANKS    06/19/2010 16:43 EST remove

From: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)
To: Mark Sellers (Selmar)

Message: A Rose for You Mark - My Friend! Hope you feel better and we will be Chatting Soon!    06/19/2010 13:05 EST remove

From: Harry Joseph (harryjoseph)
To: Mark Sellers (Selmar)

Message: I want to thank you for making a great splash page. I like it a lot.    06/19/2010 13:04 EST remove

From: Rozalia Nnamdi (zina66)
To: Ibolya Korodi Jozsefne (ibolya1964)

Message:     06/19/2010 11:22 EST remove

From: Anthony Smith (TheBigfella)
To: Rocque Bowen (Rocque)

Message: just saying hello!    06/19/2010 11:13 EST remove

From: Wayne Hager (Hager_Financial)
To: Timothy Drobnick Sr. (RecruiterTim)

Message:     06/19/2010 09:11 EST remove

From: Robert Vaughan (Bobsbiz)
To: andrea (almendra)

Message: For You Andrea, Thanks for my Gift ! :o)    06/19/2010 08:59 EST remove

From: andrea (almendra)
To: phil riddle (rebadog)

Message: for you    06/19/2010 08:27 EST remove

From: Coby Hunt (Tampa_SEO)
To: Hugo Strijbol (abdgc)

Message: Here you go buddy.    06/19/2010 05:37 EST remove

From: Timothy L Drobnick Sr. (drobnick)
To: Phil Staudt (philstaudt)

Message: I am giving my Emeralds this smart car so they can get to the Ferrari dealership faster!! Go Go!!    06/19/2010 03:59 EST remove

From: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)
To: Roger Hoover (showme48)

Message: Roger You Are The Best At What You Do! Thanks so much for SP. The Team Really Appreciate you.    06/19/2010 02:08 EST remove

From: Joni Hall (JoniH00)
To: KC Cooley (KCsline)

Message: Join me, please. I hate to eat alone...    06/18/2010 19:20 EST remove

From: Calvin Brooks (brooks36)
To: Mel Holler (dreamer)

Message: Congratulations on your upgrade!!    06/18/2010 19:16 EST remove

From: KC Cooley (KCsline)
To: Joni Hall (JoniH00)

Message: @joniH00 You have a gift    06/18/2010 19:13 EST remove

From: KC Cooley (KCsline)
To: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)

Message: @dreamspay gift waiting    06/18/2010 18:28 EST remove

From: phil riddle (rebadog)
To: Robert Vaughan (Bobsbiz)

Message: have a red    06/18/2010 15:17 EST remove

From: KD Fouche (kdfouche)
To: Sandee Robbins (SandeeRobbins)

Message: Congrats on your Charter Membership!! CHEERS!! ((*.^))~KD    06/18/2010 15:03 EST remove

From: andrea (almendra)
To: phil riddle (rebadog)

Message: for you friend    06/18/2010 14:51 EST remove

From: TK (Teresa) Promotions (tk)
To: andrea (almendra)

Message: You are still a Winner!    06/18/2010 14:38 EST remove

From: stedmark Ochman (stedmark)
To: Amelia McCollum (AmeliaUSA)

Message:     06/18/2010 11:55 EST remove

From: phil riddle (rebadog)
To: TK (Teresa) Promotions (tk)

Message: just picked them for you( you don't have to send me gifts)    06/18/2010 09:22 EST remove

From: Kathryn Ali (bizinfi)
To: John Muyris (JohnMuyris)

Message: Good morning.. rise and shine    06/18/2010 07:43 EST remove

From: andrea (almendra)
To: Mark Sellers (Selmar)

Message: thanks for your help    06/18/2010 06:52 EST remove

From: voncia chaney (famousgurl)
To: valeary chaney (valchaney)

Message:     06/17/2010 20:37 EST remove

From: Donald Halcomb (Millenium_Man)
To: Joel Canepa (wgsgator)

Message: Heres a cold one for the post thanks    06/17/2010 19:07 EST remove

From: Calvin Brooks (brooks36)
To: James Lawson (maxxscape)

Message: For all that hard work you did on that creation. Great job buddy.    06/17/2010 18:49 EST remove

From: Coby Hunt (Tampa_SEO)
To: Timothy L Drobnick Sr. (drobnick)

Message: Heres a Aspirin because I know you need it after all the work that went into this site :>)    06/17/2010 18:41 EST remove

From: Coby Hunt (Tampa_SEO)
To: Robert Vaughan (Bobsbiz)

Message: Happy to be apart of the team Robert    06/17/2010 18:40 EST remove

From: Lea Charlton (seomarketing)
To: Timothy L Drobnick Sr. (drobnick)

Message: I propose a toast to your success and ask God to bless your new effort at accomplishing personal goals, and for those of others. You're awesome Tim :)    06/17/2010 18:18 EST remove

From: KC Cooley (KCsline)
To: Cathy Evans (friscogirl)

Message: @friscogirl You have a gift awaiting you    06/17/2010 17:10 EST remove

From: phil riddle (rebadog)
To: Calvin Brooks (brooks36)

Message: for you my man    06/17/2010 17:07 EST remove

From: Shade Law (ShadeLaw)
To: John Muyris (JohnMuyris)

Message: Cheers have a Great Day it sure was good to see ya Love!    06/17/2010 16:28 EST remove

From: Shade Law (ShadeLaw)
To: Robert Vaughan (Bobsbiz)

Message: Stay well my Friend, thanks for sharing the Music and the Love!    06/17/2010 16:21 EST remove

From: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)
To: TK (Teresa) Promotions (tk)

Message: Thanks TK for being on The Team! WHOOO    06/17/2010 16:07 EST remove

From: Everest Alexander (kaddeesh)
To: Pamela Kramer (abdfh)

Message: Hi Pamela! Here's to all your success both on and off womVegas!    06/17/2010 10:15 EST remove
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