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High Stakes Slots

Texas Holdem Poker

It's here! The Texas Holdem Poker Game!

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Directory of Poker Games

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Wom Vegas Strip Game (Levels 1 thru 3 ready to play).
There have been 32,341,017 views of the Wom Vegas Strip Game.

Property on the Wom Vegas Strip is now for sale. On the Wom Vegas Strip you can buy and trade property, charge rents, fees, and sell advertising, and more.

Rules for Wom Vegas Strip

These rules are in progress. There will be more added.

1. You cannot buy a second same type of building until the first is complete. For example, if you buy a hotel, you cannot buy a second hotel until the first one is complete.

2. You cannot buy a second same type of building without approval from the Wom Vegas antitrust committee.

3. Each property has an inventory list. You will need to complete the inventory list before you can open for business.

4. If you have an excess of inventory on any particular item, (you will), you can trade it with other property owners for what you need.

5. If you need any items for your inventory you can search through other properties, look at their inventory list for excesses and contact them for trading inventory.

Click here to play.

Click here for Stop Tim Game Statistics
Stop Tim Game
There have been 32,341,036 plays of the Stop Tim Game.

Pick letters and guess the word before Tim burns the food.

How to Play Stop Tim: Tim is having a barbeque for everyone at Wom Vegas but he is a terrible cook. You have to stop Tim before he burns all the food.

Click on a letter and if it is in the word it will show. If it is not you lose 1 of your 8 tries. If you do not guess the word in 8 tries you lose. If you win you receive 100 points per letter in the word

Click here to play.
Click here for Stop Tim Game Statistics

There have been 32,342,090 plays of the Bingo Game.

Select squares on your bingo boards and be the first to get a straight line.

How to Play Bingo:

Click on "Join the Bingo Game". Numbers will appear in the middle of the game cards select on your bingo cards. Click on the free square in the middle of each card.

To win be the first to get one row filled in on one card and then click "Bingo" below the card. The row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Click here to play.

Pick a Door Game
There have been 32,341,019 plays of the Pick a Door Game.

Pick a door and win 2,000 to 20,000 points.

How to Play Pick a Door Game:

There are 3 doors. Click on one of your choice and you can win 2,000 to 20,000 points. You may only play this game one time. It is to help you get started with points here on WomVegas.com

Click here to play.

Free Drawing
There have been 32,330,470 plays of the free drawing game.

Enter the drawing and win up to 1 million points and $100.00 cash.

How to Play Free Drawing Game:

You can enter 1 time every 3 hours for 5 bi-weekly and one grand finale drawing. You will spend 100 points per entry which will be refunded. Cash paid via Alertpay.com. 100 ways to win!

Click here to play.

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Stop Tim Game
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