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2014 Las Vegas Video!

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You can enter 1 time every 3 hours for 5
bi-weekly and one grand finale drawing.
You will spend 100 points per entry which
will be refunded. Cash paid via
Alertpay.com. 100 ways to win!

5 Bi-Weekly Drawings

You can enter every 3 hours for drawings for these prizes, drawings to be held on: August 11th, August 18th, August 25th, September 1st and September 8th.

1st: $100 + 100,000 points
2nd: 100,000 points
3rd: 50,000 points
4th: 50,000 points
5th: 50,000 points
6th: 50,000 points
7th: 50,000 points
8th: 50,000 points
9th: 50,000 points
10th: 50,000 points
11th: 50,000 points
12th: 50,000 points
13th: 50,000 points
14th: 50,000 points
15th: 50,000 points
Grand Finale Drawing

On September 15th all of your entries from the previous 5 drawings, plus any since September 8th will be selected for this Grand Finale Drawing:

1st: 1,000,000 points
2nd: 500,000 points
3rd: 400,000 points
4th: 400,000 points
5th: 300,000 points
6th: 300,000 points
7th: 200,000 points
8th: 200,000 points
9th: 200,000 points
10th: 200,000 points
11th: 125,000 points
12th: 125,000 points
13th: 125,000 points
14th: 125,000 points
15th: 125,000 points
16th: 100,000 points
17th: 100,000 points
18th: 100,000 points
19th: 100,000 points
20th: 100,000 points
21st: 75,000 points
22nd: 75,000 points
23rd: 75,000 points
24th: 75,000 points
25th: 75,000 points

All points you spend for the drawings
are refunded back to you at the end
of the contest as NEW points!

Free members will have all points spent in the drawing restored 100%.

Opal customers will have 3 times the points spent in the drawing restored.

Pearl customers will have 4 times the points spent in the drawing restored.

Topaz customers will have 5 times the points spent in the drawing restored.

When anyone you have sponsored into
warmvegas.com wins, you also win $25!!


You may buy a ballot for the drawing once every three hours for 100 points.

Nobody can win more than once in any one drawing.

Anyone who wins in the five bi-weekly drawings can not win again until the Grand Finale drawing.

Everyone can keep buying ballots for grand finale once every three hours.

After the 5th bi-weekly drawing, there will be a GRAND FINALE drawing for 1,000,000 point

Everyone who enters drawing gets their points back. Promo Kit customers get 2 to 5 times their points returned. No one can lose unless you don't play!

The $100.00 cash prizes are paid via AlertPay.com. You must be able to accept the prize via Alertpay.com.

If anyone you have personally sponsored into warmvegas.com wins a cash prize of $100.00 you also will win $25.00. You cannot "stack" your downline, meaning your sponsored members cannot be yourself or someone that is representing yourself.

Winners will be listed on this page below.

Drawing Date Prize Winner
September 8th, 2010First Prize, $100 cash and 100,000 pointsMrsSelmar
September 8th, 2010Second Prize, 100,000 pointsamstreet
September 8th, 2010Third Prize, 50,000 pointsAmazing
September 8th, 2010Fourth Prize, 50,000 pointsjosef
September 8th, 2010Fifth Prize, 50,000 pointsAdmin
September 8th, 2010Sixth Prize, 50,000 pointslevi808
September 8th, 2010Seventh Prize, 50,000 pointsStomper
September 8th, 2010Eighth Prize, 50,000 pointsreviseit
September 8th, 2010Nineth Prize, 50,000 pointsPugs
September 8th, 2010Tenth Prize, 50,000 pointsverviktor
September 8th, 2010Eleventh Prize, 50,000 pointspierceopolis
September 8th, 2010Twelfth Prize, 50,000 pointsdailycashforyou
September 8th, 2010Thirteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsjohnmactastic
September 8th, 2010Fourteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsIvTurcic
September 8th, 2010Fifteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsCybermax
September 1st, 2010First Prize, $100 cash and 100,000 pointswowsfree
September 1st, 2010Second Prize, 100,000 pointskdfouche
September 1st, 2010Third Prize, 50,000 pointsrealtoma68
September 1st, 2010Fourth Prize, 50,000 pointsmaxxscape
September 1st, 2010Fifth Prize, 50,000 pointsroyaltybiz
September 1st, 2010Sixth Prize, 50,000 pointsTeamworkradio
September 1st, 2010Seventh Prize, 50,000 pointsmonalee
September 1st, 2010Eighth Prize, 50,000 pointsBobsbiz
September 1st, 2010Nineth Prize, 50,000 pointsralphyboy
September 1st, 2010Tenth Prize, 50,000 pointsclarenceyoung
September 1st, 2010Eleventh Prize, 50,000 pointsBobK
September 1st, 2010Twelfth Prize, 50,000 pointsBIZOP4ALL
September 1st, 2010Thirteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsconnie1
September 1st, 2010Fourteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsshaundy_vel
September 1st, 2010Fifteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsjabier
September 15th, 2010First Grand Finale Prize, 1,000,000 pointsBobK
September 15th, 2010Second Grand Finale Prize, 500,000 pointsKathleens_spot
September 15th, 2010Third Grand Finale Prize, 400,000 pointsrebadog
September 15th, 2010Fourth Grand Finale Prize, 400,000 pointswowsfree
September 15th, 2010Fifth Grand Finale Prize, 300,000 pointsshuckjohnny
September 15th, 2010Sixth Grand Finale Prize, 300,000 pointsSteveS
September 15th, 2010Seventh Grand Finale Prize, 200,000 pointsccllewis
September 15th, 2010Eighth Grand Finale Prize, 200,000 pointsccllewis
September 15th, 2010Nineth Grand Finale Prize, 200,000 pointswiseowl
September 15th, 2010Tenth Grand Finale Prize, 200,000 pointsgo4it
September 15th, 2010Eleventh Grand Finale Prize, 125,000 pointsLaurie
September 15th, 2010Twelfth Grand Finale Prize, 125,000 pointsAmeliaUSA
September 15th, 2010Thirteenth Grand Finale Prize, 125,000 pointsTeamworkradio
September 15th, 2010Fourteenth Grand Finale Prize, 125,000 pointsBam
September 15th, 2010Fifteenth Grand Finale Prize, 125,000 pointsyourgolden
September 15th, 2010Sixteenth Grand Finale Prize, 100,000 pointsJohnMuyris
September 15th, 2010Seventeenth Grand Finale Prize, 100,000 pointshusky21
September 15th, 2010Eighteenth Grand Finale Prize, 100,000 pointskdfouche
September 15th, 2010Nineteenth Grand Finale Prize, 100,000 pointsshuckjohnny
September 15th, 2010Twentieth Grand Finale Prize, 100,000 pointsJoniH00
September 15th, 2010Twenty First Grand Finale Prize, 75,000 pointsdreamspay
September 15th, 2010Twenty Second Grand Finale Prize, 75,000 pointskaddeesh
September 15th, 2010Twenty Third Grand Finale Prize, 75,000 pointsSelmar
September 15th, 2010Twenty Fourth Grand Finale Prize, 75,000 pointsroosevans
September 15th, 2010Twenty Fifth Grand Finale Prize, 75,000 pointsriscadragon
August 25th, 2010First Prize, $100 cash and 100,000 pointsMuscovite
August 25th, 2010Second Prize, 100,000 pointsJohnMuyris
August 25th, 2010Third Prize, 50,000 pointsbethmcl0
August 25th, 2010Fourth Prize, 50,000 pointsultimate01
August 25th, 2010Fifth Prize, 50,000 pointsriscadragon
August 25th, 2010Sixth Prize, 50,000 pointsJohnB
August 25th, 2010Seventh Prize, 50,000 pointsCharlie
August 25th, 2010Eighth Prize, 50,000 pointsLonnieG
August 25th, 2010Nineth Prize, 50,000 pointssmokeymiller
August 25th, 2010Tenth Prize, 50,000 pointsskyscrapers
August 25th, 2010Eleventh Prize, 50,000 pointstomc10
August 25th, 2010Twelfth Prize, 50,000 pointsdeborahhopkins
August 25th, 2010Thirteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsseaityus
August 25th, 2010Fourteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsjohnny
August 25th, 2010Fifteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsAmeliaUSA
August 18th, 2010First Prize, $100 cash and 100,000 pointsshuckjohnny
August 18th, 2010Second Prize, 100,000 pointsBam
August 18th, 2010Third Prize, 50,000 pointsyourgolden
August 18th, 2010Fourth Prize, 50,000 points20081983
August 18th, 2010Fifth Prize, 50,000 pointsphilcat
August 18th, 2010Sixth Prize, 50,000 pointsFreelancer2000
August 18th, 2010Seventh Prize, 50,000 pointstk
August 18th, 2010Eighth Prize, 50,000 pointsJoniH00
August 18th, 2010Nineth Prize, 50,000 pointsAnthonyBPalmer
August 18th, 2010Tenth Prize, 50,000 pointsProResponse
August 18th, 2010Eleventh Prize, 50,000 pointsyingram
August 18th, 2010Twelfth Prize, 50,000 pointsroosevans
August 18th, 2010Thirteenth Prize, 50,000 pointshusky21
August 18th, 2010Fourteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsKidMaestro
August 18th, 2010Fifteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsbrooks36
August 11th, 2010First Prize, $100 cash and 100,000 pointszaarenoc
August 11th, 2010Second Prize, 100,000 pointsphoenix1972
August 11th, 2010Third Prize, 50,000 pointsdreamspay
August 11th, 2010Fourth Prize, 50,000 pointskaddeesh
August 11th, 2010Fifth Prize, 50,000 pointsLaurie
August 11th, 2010Sixth Prize, 50,000 pointsjverbeke
August 11th, 2010Seventh Prize, 50,000 pointsjeepy
August 11th, 2010Eighth Prize, 50,000 pointsrebadog
August 11th, 2010Nineth Prize, 50,000 pointsKCsline
August 11th, 2010Tenth Prize, 50,000 pointsccllewis
August 11th, 2010Eleventh Prize, 50,000 pointsSteveS
August 11th, 2010Twelfth Prize, 50,000 pointsalmendra
August 11th, 2010Thirteenth Prize, 50,000 pointswiseowl
August 11th, 2010Fourteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsantje2802
August 11th, 2010Fifteenth Prize, 50,000 pointsSelmar

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