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Important Notes that All Leaders in Training Should Learn Well

How businesses, or anyone, can use their chat rooms to promote themselves locally.

Any business can use womVegas.com to promote themselves LOCALLY using their Twitter account. womVegas.com is a great enhancement to their Twitter where they can develop a much better relationship with their customers. Here is how they can do this:

1. Find local people in your area that have a twitter account by doing an advanced
search on Google.

Go to http://www.google.com/advanced_search?hl=en

In the box that says "all these words" put in the name of your town/city.

In the box that says "Search within a site ro domain" put in twitter.com

Click on Advanced Search

2. Find twitter accounts that you want to follow, and then follow them.

3. When you follow a twitter account, send them a message by going to your twitter account and in the "Whats Happening" box type:

@GahannaJuniorLeague I am also in Gahanna, Ohio.

That is all you need to type, no solicitations. If this person follows you back, you have a good local person that will see your posts.

(Of course replace @GahannaJuniorLeague with THEIR twitter username, and if you dont live in Gahanna, Ohio, use your town).

4. Post messages about your business in your WomVegas.com chat room. You can make them as long or short as you like, and you can include as many links as you like.

5. Once you have typed up your message in your WomVegas.com chat room, look right below the post and click on "URL". This will give you a page of optional URLs that will link back to this particular post in your chat room. You will want to use the one made for Twitter.

6. Optional, but recommended, use a link shortener to shorten the URL.

7. Go to your Twitter account and make a short post about your womVegas message you just posted. Then include the link.

8. Some of your users will request to join your chat room. They can read the messages you post whether or not if they are a member, but if they request to be post in your room you can now start a nice 2 way conversation over time that should lead to many more customers for your business.

How to approach, (and NOT approach), people about wom Vegas.

DO NOT USE "Would you be interested in .... ?" because the answer will ALWAYS be NO!

Here are things you can say that tend to get a YES.

1. Would it be ok if I showed you a fun social website everyone loves, and can make you a second paycheck?

2. I just found out there is a fun social website everyone loves that can also make you a second paycheck. Would it be ok if I give you the address?

3. Most people have entrepreurial spirit in them, and most people love making a second paycheck with this fun social website. Would it be ok if I give you the address?

4. Are you married to your job or are you open minded?

Important words in those statements YOU MUST USE, are "Would it be OK", and "Everyone loves", and "most people".
Without those you might as well not even use them.

Where is a good source of people that want to join MLM? Teachers. If you want to build a MLM leader you want someone who can teach and train, and are grossly underpaid. Especially Band Teachers! They know how to sell already to raise funds.

Who else? Housewives. They know how to train people. They train their husbands, they train their children, they are managers, they manage time, they are grossly underpaid.

Here is something you can ask people that will help you find prospects:

Who do you know that would like to earn some extra money?
Who do you know that would like to drive a new car?
Who do you know that hates their job?
Who do you know that hates their boss?
Who do you know that would like to have a part time income?
Who do you know that would like to move from an apartment to a home?
Who do you know that would like to have extra money for travel?
Who do you know that wants to save up for college?


You are only one person away from someone that could make you a million dollars. If you find the right person that builds a large business with wom Vegas that is all you need.

Does this mean you only need to find one person? No. It means the next person COULD be the one person. Keeps this in mind as you talk to people. You never know.

Start practicing this to make it part of your habits:


When someone asks you, "What do you do", you say:

"I show people how to make a second paycheck using a fun social website."

If they are interested they will ask you more, if they change the subject, leave it be. Do not try to convince.


If you want to get more people asking you what you do, first ask them what they do. Not everyone will ask you but some will. If you are not really interested in what they do, do not ask.



2 qualifications in a distributor. Desire and Time.
Explain difference between need and desire.

2 magic questions:
A. Do you want to earn some extra money?
B. Are you willing to set aside 7 to 10 hours per week?

If they say no, or ask what its about, just say "I am just taking a survey". This way you will only be giving presentations to people that want to earn extra money and will set aside some extra time.


Professionals sort, amateurs convince.

One think that everyone that wants to be part of my training that WANTS to do this, (Not required), is to get hooked up with me on skype

My username at skype is timothy.l.drobnick.sr

Thats only if you want to use skype for trainings with me.

I will also be using the regular teleconference phone, so if you can make long distance calls for no cost that will be a good option for your.

Of course, the best option would be to have both so you will have access to more training schedules that will fit your life better.

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