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2017-05-27 20:40:01    

drobnick Please click on the WIN graphic to join our free contests.

To get points on free contests go to convention rooms and like posts.

Posted in Coffee Shop chat
2017-05-15 10:49:06    

drobnick There are now THREE contests to enter using your free points from womvegas. Please enter by clicking on the WIN GRAPHIC or click here

Posted in Coffee Shop chat
2017-05-13 15:38:43    

drobnick NEW Badge of Integrity for Your Website.

We JUST updated the
International Internet Chamber of Commerce
Established 12/30/2005.

You can become an IICOC badge holder and then place it on your website to show you stand out above the crowd.

In addition, we will give $10 or $99 for referring other people to put this badge on their website.

You get 50% CASH commissions paid directly to your payment processor AND you can also get 100% commissions in GAC.

$1,000 in badges means you get $500 in cash and $1,000 in GAC!

Go now and get your own badge:

Posted in Coffee Shop chat
2017-05-09 19:15:43    


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